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Detailed biography, discography at a glance, photo collection, and unique link list with contents of various sites. English and Dutch versions.

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  • George Michael Universe - News page, FAQ, discography with RealAudio clips, videos fan pages in fan pages RealVideo, mp3 player skin, and links.
  • The George Michael Brazilian Page - English, Portuguese and Spanish versions. Brief biographies for m Wham! and GM, discography and lyrics, large photo m gallery, guitar chords for some songs, midi collection, m GM postcards to send, a quiz to take, m classifieds page, message board, chatroom, 'Cyb
  • Chez Knobby - Essays on George\\'s family life, his first band michael, george The m Executive, history of Wham!, Wham! discography and michael, george pictures, the m recording of the Band Aid single, michael, george synopsis of The m Final, photos from George\\'s duets michael, george with other artists, Rock m in Rio and Modena michael, george pictures and
  • Pavarotti and Friends 2000 - Fans relate experiences from going to the Modena m concert.
  • Colabear's House - Song of the Week feature from G NOTES fan pages (now m Planet George), lyrics, information on IRC group fan pages #georgecafe, favorite m songs in RealAudio format, and US fan pages and UK discographies m and chart positions.
  • George Michael Bumper to Bumper with the Spice Girls - George Michael / Spice Girls combo site. GM m section has discography with single covers, news page, m a few photos, and pictures from a \'97 m YogFest.
  • The Edge of Heaven - George Michael - One page site with lyrics and a collection m of midi fan pages music.
  • Keeping the Faith - Fan tribute to George Michael with discography, lyrics, michael, george news, message board, trivia, items for sale/trade and michael, george links to other sites.
  • All for One and One for All (All for Love) - Large image collection, message board, chatroom, poetry, astrological fan pages information and links.
  • Lady Bright's Home - Includes pictures and information about a biography written in Russian.
  • Ewa's George Michael Site - News, song lyrics, b-sides and rarities in RealAudio, m links to m video clips, and a large photo m collection.
  • Faith In The Sound - Song chronology, lyrics, songs in RealAudio format, and fan pages links.
  • George Michael Website - Concert pictures, animated gifs, and links.
  • Fan created website about legendary singer/songwriter George Michael - Site includes performances, interviews, pictures, discography, and forum
  • Waterfalls: George Michael Fan Site - Japanese fan site, in English and Japanese. Biography, m discography, poll, links, message board, and latest news.
  • Here, There and Everywhere - A group of fans comes together for the m tribute concert for Linda McCartney in April 1999... m and creates a website to remember the experience.
  • Unsocial Mix - News, archive of articles and reviews, image gallery, homepage of m #gm IRC group, quizzes, message board, and links.
  • George Michael Fantasia - Brief biography, discography, songs for download in midi m format, vote michael, george for your favorite songs, and image m gallery.
  • Something to Save - Uniquely dedicated to fans\\' sightings of and encounters fan pages with fan pages George. Fans\\' stories of their meetings and fan pages sightings. Also fan pages includes an image gallery and links.
  • Planet Matt (Enjoy What You See!) - GM section contains lyrics for each album, top chart positions, michael, george a few pictures, chords for several songs, and a small michael, george midi collection. Wham! section includes lyrics for each album, member michael, george profiles with pictures, top chart positions, a few pictures, Wham!
  • Praying For Time - Image galleries, desktop wallpapers, interview and music clips m in RealPlayer michael, george format, excerpts from GM books, quotes m about GM from other michael, george people, midi collection, GM m postcards to send, and links.
  • Spark's GM Site - Image gallery and songs in midi format.
  • Yours Only George - A very large collection of George Michael website links, as m well as news, message board, chatroom, classified ad board to m buy and sell GM items, and feature articles.
  • George Michael Info Page - Listing of GM books, excerpts from Bare, chart fan pages listings, m news articles, fan feedback, and links.
  • Freedom 98 - Biography, discography with lyrics, music downloads, trivia and links in Italian.
  • Calling You - Detailed biography, discography at a glance, photo collection, fan pages and fan pages unique link list with contents of various fan pages sites. English fan pages and Dutch versions.
  • George Michael Collectors Corner - An archive of George Michael and Wham collectible m memorabilia, including m books, magazines, music and calendars.
  • Box of Fame: George Michael - Slovakian fan page with English and German sections. michael, george Includes lyrics, discography, and articles.
  • Older - This Greek fan page includes information and activities m of the michael, george Greek chapter of Planet George, and m archive of articles from michael, george the Greek press.

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