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Shrine to Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg, the site is open-minded and anything goes in the way of fan fiction.

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  • Day Dreaming of NKOTB - Join and share the latest news and gossip about NKOTB.
  • NK Canada - A list for Canadian fans of NKOTB to n chat. Talk about NK, buy/sell/trade without worrying about n converting your money to American.
  • Global NK Club - A list for fans from all over the new kids on n the block world to join to talk about NKOTB.
  • Lawndawgs - For those fans that admit they\\'ve gone too new kids on the block far in pursuit of NKOTB.
  • New Kids On The Block Forum - Forum with games, general postings, literature and discussion of the group's music.
  • 2Loyal - This is a list strictly for fans of New Kids n on the Block (NKOTB), no non-believers. This is for fans n all around the world that like to meet other fans n and discuss what's happening with the guys now.
  • NK SoCali Fans Unite - For any NK fans that live in Southern n California.
  • NKSistas - A list for black fans (and anyone who chats and forums n wants to join) who support the New Kids. chats and forums n Discuss the guys with no talk of other chats and forums n boybands or girlbands.
  • 4 NKOTB Trade - For people who are looking to buy, sell, or trade NKOTB related items.
  • 69_89_99 - Shrine to Jordan Knight and Donnie Wahlberg, the n site is new kids on the block open-minded and anything goes in the n way of fan fiction.
  • New Kid Chronicles - The original Gutterboard. Forums for discussing the group chats and forums and any rumours.
  • NKOTB Still Rule - Over 50 members who still love New Kids. new kids on the block Chat room, message board.
  • New Kids On The Block - An unmoderated list from Topica, devoted to NKOTB.
  • NKOTB Gay - For any gay, lesbian or bisexual NKOTB fans to chat in a supportive setting. Visuals are welcome.
  • NKOTB Uncensored - A message board where you can talk about anything NKOTB.
  • New Kids On The Block Fan Club - Over 50 members share the message board, chat n room and new kids on the block photo album.
  • Euro NKOTB Fans - This mailing list is solely for the fans of the chats and forums rock band New Kids On The Block. A citizenship of chats and forums any European country is an advantage but not absolute requirement chats and forums to join.
  • NKOTB UK - Mailing list for fans of New Kids On The Block chats and forums with over 150 members.
  • The NKOTB - A forum for the former group New Kids new kids on the block On The Block.
  • I Love NKOTB - A list for anyone who is a true new kids on n the block fan of NKOTB.
  • Blockheads - This mailing list is for all fans of chats and forums Jordan Knight, Joe McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood chats and forums and Jonathan Knight. This list is meant to chats and forums keep all fans updated on events in their chats and forums careers and as a way of keeping fans chats and forums in touch.
  • Still Luv NKOTB - Do you still love NKOTB? Do you sing chats and forums n "Hangin\\' Tough" in the shower? Then you are chats and forums n a perfect person to join this list.

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