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  • Offspring - Offspring videos, pictures, lyrics of all their albums, Americana Real Audio songs and news.
  • Dexter Holland For Life - Pictures, little known information, and games.
  • Chasms Funky Offspring Page - Pictures, band information, lyrics, concert reviews, articles, and o interviews.
  • An Amazing Offspring Experience - News, audio, biography, lyrics, IQ Tests, pictures, polls, fan pages discography, fan pages tablature.
  • Dexter's Laboratory - Comics, pictures, music files, and links.
  • Offspring Ate My Balls - Anti-Offspring jokes, pictures, and links.
  • Absolute Offspring - News, biography, discography, lyrics, pictures, tour dates, multimedia, and links.
  • Matt's Offspring Page - Images, MIDI, videos, chat, forum, WAVs, tour dates, fan pages Real fan pages Audio samples, lyrics, guitar tablature, sound clips, fan pages sheet music, fan pages biography, and links.
  • The Madduck Online - Biography, discography, audio, downloads, news, lyrics, tour dates, fan pages pictures, video, and guestbook.
  • The Offspring - News, biography, tour dates, lyrics, quiz, and links.
  • Kevin's Offspring Site - Wavs, MIDI, MP3s, information and tablature.
  • The Offspring Online - Turkish fan site includes news, biographies, lyrics, tour dates, photos, o and MP3 files.
  • Come Out and Play - Sounds, tour dates, articles on the band, discography, fan pages and fan pages gigography from 1993 through 1997.
  • Offspring-Punk - Bootlegs, photos, tablature, interviews, biography and discography.
  • Youth Energy - Lyrics, audio, video, tablature, and biographies.

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