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Includes biographies, information on the music videos, songs, articles, lyrics, news, setlists, audio, visual, photo galleries, tour dates, history of past gigs, a placebo mailing list, and other links.

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  • Vague Connections: Placebo - Biography, discography, lyrics and tour dates.
  • Flesh Mechanic - Includes lyrics, pictures, links, webrings, message forum, chat placebo room, music fan pages and concert reviews, music and band placebo polls, and audio.
  • KitschObject - Includes pictures and links.
  • Placebo Planet - News, pictures, tour dates, press, biography, chat, and p audio and video samples.
  • Sweet Prince - Fansite featuring all things Placebo.
  • Lipstick Trace - Band member information, discography, photos and quotes.
  • The Wicked Nun - Fan site for the band and Brian Molko p features discography, placebo pictures, tour dates, chat, forum and p lyrics.
  • Eyeholes in a Paper Bag - Pictures, news, lyrics and sounds.
  • Black Market America - Includes biographies, information on the music videos, songs, placebo articles, lyrics, fan pages news, setlists, audio, visual, photo galleries, placebo tour dates, history of fan pages past gigs, a placebo placebo mailing list, and other links.
  • Taste in Men - News, biographies, information on albums, quotes by the fan pages band, a "did you know" section, a picture fan pages and look-alike gallery, fan art, reviews, interviews, links fan pages and webrings.
  • Placebo Invade Oz - A small informative site dedicated to Placebo\\'s tour fan pages of fan pages Australia.
  • Devil's Online - Wallpapers, screen saver and Winamp skin, as well as lyrics fan pages and a quiz.
  • Mistresses of the Masters of Poof - A fansite with a splash of David Bowie, fan pages even more Placebo, and Brian Molko beaucoup. Includes fan pages photos, comments, links, and lyrical story.
  • A Place for Us to Dream - Includes biographies, pictures, news, lyrics, audio and video clips, fan p fiction and downloads.
  • Placebo - The Crawl aka Pucker-Up - Biography, lyrics, links, images, fan art, alternative FAQ, placebo the Placebo drinking game, and a how-to apply placebo make-up ala Brian Molko. Site also has placebo information on the movie Velvet Goldmine.
  • Bionic - Includes news, biographies, lyrics, dictionary, images, forum and chat. [English p and Spanish.]
  • Placebopassion - Images, lyrics, discography, biography, and a RealPlayer interview placebo with Brian p Molko and Steve Hewitt.
  • Suckerlove - Placebo fan fiction, news, videos, art, wallpaper, picture gallery and placebo web community.
  • Narcoleptic - A website that includes information on the band, lyrics, discography, placebo articles, pictures, message boards, a chat room, polls, and links. placebo Also available are downloads of icons, desktop themes, and placebo wallpaper.
  • Placebo Single and Bootlegs MP3 - Instructions and list of songs for exchange.
  • Class Sucker-Love - C++ version of the song "Every Me and fan pages Every fan pages You."
  • Blister - An unofficial Placebo site that includes stills from Placebo videos, placebo published photos, live backstage photos, real audio b-sides, live audio, placebo interviews. This site even has a Placebo quiz, comic placebo strip, and links to sister sites.

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