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Lighthearted look at everything Elvis including books, music and videos influenced by The King. Includes a page of Elvis sightings.

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Vox Regis* - Get ouija board advice from Elvis.

  • The First Presleyterian Church of Elvis the Divine - Includes history, sermon, mysteries, and FAQ.
  • The Oracle of Elvis at Virginia - Shades of Kevin Bacon, from the Department of presley, elvis Computer humor Science at the University of Virginia.
  • Multi Elvi - Lighthearted look at everything Elvis including books, music p and videos p influenced by The King. Includes a p page of Elvis sightings.
  • Americans for Cloning Elvis - Bacteria, sheep and monkeys have all been cloned, but not presley, elvis Elvis. Sign the petition today.
  • Tickle Me Elvis - Move your cursor over Elvis to tickle him; presley, elvis click on him and he will laugh.
  • Elvis Lives, Princess Dies - Drawing similarities between Princess Di\\'s death and Elvis\\'s p life. Pure p coincidence? You be the judge.
  • Elvis Shot JFK - Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald and Elvis, plus humor shocking revelations humor about their co-conspirators.
  • Elvis Killed Kennedy - At long last, the truth behind the greatest p criminal conspiracy presley, elvis of the twentieth century can be p told.
  • Grudge Match - Fictional tag-team match between Oprah and Elvis.

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