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Biographies, quotes, top 10 lists, images, fan fiction, a chat and a club, links, and a "Wackie Pics" section with manipulated images.

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  • The Awesome Savage Garden Site - Recent news, biographies, information on the backup band, savage garden lyrics, fan pages audio/visual downloads, images, and discography. Also savage garden guitar chords, fan pages surveys and quizzes, concert reviews and savage garden other articles.
  • Savage Garden - Images, interviews and articles, guitar tablature, lyrics, and sa sound clips.
  • Memories Fade - Individual image galleries for each member, group shots, sa and live pictures. Also, lyrics, WAV files, sa and links.
  • Gold Lame - Information, pictures, news, a quiz, lyrics, and links.
  • Don't Just Dream... Envision - Lyrics, profiles, fan fiction, images, a quiz, and savage garden video fan pages facts.
  • Truly Madly Deeply - Information on the band, lyrics, photos, a message fan pages board, sa and greeting cards.
  • The Best Thing - Images, biographies, band history, touring band information, and fan pages discography.
  • Liz's Savage Garden Homepage - Includes lyrics, articles, polls, fan fiction, biographies, tour fan pages dates and concert reviews.
  • Savage Garden Central - Chart information, articles, tour dates, biography, lyrics, discography, mailing lists savage garden and auctions.
  • A Cosmopolitan Savage Garden - Biographies, quotes, top 10 lists, images, fan fiction, savage garden a sa chat and a club, links, and a savage garden "Wackie Pics" sa section with manipulated images.
  • The Garden of All Things Savage - Band information, image galleries, lyrics, guitar tablature, fan sa art and fiction, links, and a section about sa the band's breakup.
  • The Savaged Land - Story of how the band started, biographies, lyrics, sa quotes from sa the guys, news, images, a couple sa quizzes about the band, sa and links.
  • A Tribute To Savage Garden - News, biography, discography, lyrics, articles, images, descriptions of savage garden fan savage garden encounters with the band, MIDI files, chat savage garden room and savage garden surveys.

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