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Stephen Thomas Erlewine's review: "all of its emotions are on the surface, delivered with optimistic, youthful self-belief, yet the unusual, distinctive guitar textures give it an unexpected tension that makes it an exhilarating debut." 4 out of

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  • All Music Guide: Boy - Stephen Thomas Erlewine\\'s review: "all of its emotions reviews are on u2 the surface, delivered with optimistic, youthful reviews self-belief, yet the unusual, u2 distinctive guitar textures give reviews it an unexpected tension that makes u2 it an reviews exhilarating debut." 4 out of
  • Rolling Stone: Boy - Debra Rae Cohen\\'s review: "U2 is talented, charming boy and potentially boy (they\\'re all still under twenty-one) exceptional. boy But as a new boy Next Big Thing, they\\'re boy only the next best thing to boy something really boy new." 4 out of 5 stars.
  • Boy - Jerry McCulley\\'s review: "Though not quite as moody boy or musically accomplished as October, arguably the band\\'s boy first masterpiece, Boy still ranks as one of boy U2's best albums."
  • Unsung Reviews: Boy - Le Samourai\\'s review: "this amazing debut LP stands boy moody and proud like the menacing, grey Irish boy thunder cloud it was when it was first boy released in 1980."
  • Prindle Record Reviews: Boy - Mark Prindle\\'s review: "This isn\\'t radio-ready overproduced rock reviews - it\\'s u2 rough-around-the-edges art rock in the vein reviews of early Public Image u2 Limited (with more emphasis reviews on guitar) - a darned fine u2 attempt to reviews combine the amateurish feel of punk with the u2 reviews e

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