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Concert and band pictures, wanted list, and links. Also includes scans of album covers and merchandise, Dr. Demento memorabilia, and newspaper ads.

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  • Al-oholics Anonymous - A Twelve Step program to better understanding of yankovic, weird al y the accordion-playing parody artist through pictures, sound bytes, yankovic, weird al y video clips, interviews, news and other details.
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic - Jeff Morris\\' discography, collections of lyrics and scripts, yankovic, weird al fan pages photos, and other resources.
  • Rainbow Heron's Weird Al Site Spectrum - Dedicated information source featuring: "The Newbie\\'s Guide to fan pages"; acronyms and references glossary; archived fan lists fan pages and concert series FAQs; original artwork, essays and fan pages reviews; trading pages; concert photos; links; and the
  • Yankovic! - Yahoo parody site provides a directory of Weird Al websites.
  • Weirdness Central - Concert photos and reviews, MIDI files, art work, lyrics, band member information, album and video covers, links, and other things pertaining to Weird Al Yankovic.
  • Weird-Al Fan DataBase - The purpose of the Weird-Al Fan DataBase (WAFDB) y is to give all worldwide fans of Weird-Al y Yankovic a listing of who else is on y the net with that one special thing in y common, namely that they all love "Al".
  • Mr. Music's Weird Al Pics - Concert photos.
  • BNZ Bargle Nawdle Zouss - News, facts, pictures, MIDIs, merchandise, forum, Question of the Week, y and fan pages. Also home to, a comprehensive listing y of Weird Al lyrics categorized alphabetically and by album.
  • My Weird Al Yankovic Fan Page - Profile, images and links.
  • Weird ALvatars Inc. - Avatars, "candy hearts," information on getting "The Weird Al Show" on DVD and Easter eggs.
  • John's Weird Al Page - Pictures, tour schedule, trivia and links.
  • Brian's Weird Al Yankovic Page - Fan site with concert photos and autograph scans.
  • Mike Hoffman's Weird Al Page - Tribute from a "Close, Personal Friend", featuring exclusive yankovic, weird al y photos, stories and pictures from a fan\\'s friendship yankovic, weird al y with Al and drummer Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz".
  • Prosthetic Lips - Information on the 1996 fan tribute album.
  • - Featuring "Running With Scissors" review, newsgroup news, y concert journals y and links.
  • The Weird Al Information Source - Offering detailed data on Weird Al\\'s past, present, yankovic, weird al fan pages the band, his shoe size, and other information.
  • Pooh Bear's Weird Al Stuff - Concert and band pictures, wanted list, and links. fan pages Also includes scans of album covers and merchandise, fan pages Dr. Demento memorabilia, and newspaper ads.
  • The Weird Al Underground - News, fan art, sound clips and concert schedule.
  • ALoogle - Google parody site lists links to Weird Al fan pages sites.
  • All Things Yankovic - Home of "The Weird Al Yankovic Songography"; "This fan pages Day fan pages in Al History"; and "The UHF 10th fan pages Anniversary Page". fan pages Also includes TV schedule, trading fan pages page, and the fan pages campaign to keep free fan pages of trolls.

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