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Images of a collection of hard rock and heavy metal t-shirts which have become too small to wear, but are too rare to tear.

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  • Vinyl Nirvana - Personal collection of vinyl albums of 1980s music. music Contains cover scans, track lists and lyrics. Covers music genres from heavy metal to pop.
  • Villanova, Fernando Michelena - Personal collection of CDs indexed by title, artist, music and song collecting name.
  • The Woodstock Project - One collector\\'s discography of the music from the first Woodstock collecting and other major rock festivals.
  • Edwin Gore's CD Collection - Mostly alternative rock; features comments on the CDs music that reveal music more about the author than the music music.
  • Jeremy's Rock Pages - Collection of guitar picks, drum sticks, and similar Rock memorabilia.
  • Terry's 3" CDs - Collection of over 250 three inch compact discs.
  • Stross, Christoph - List of about 100 titles.
  • Show and Tell - Galleries of thrift store music and album cover art.
  • Jugband Music - Jugband music collection (about 15-20) plus instruments commonly used in personal collections jugbands.
  • Music Mania - Collection of bootleg and rare CDs from an Italian collector, with track listings and cover images.
  • Purkiss, Scott - CD collection of a 31 year-old Londoner exiled collecting in Hong Kong.
  • Retirement Home For Rocking Shirts - Images of a collection of hard rock and collecting heavy metal collecting t-shirts which have become too small collecting to wear, but are collecting too rare to tear.
  • Home Base - Collection of about 400 Urban/Rap CDs.
  • Corral, Ron - Illustrated CD list divided by artist.
  • Dominic's Old Record Collection - Collection of 78 rpm records from 1910-1928. Page includes audio samples and label information.
  • Chis Hamilton - Collection of records including Scottish and interesting labels, music advertising, documentary collecting and speech and technical.
  • Rare Blues Record - Australian collector offers his entire collection for sale as a music whole.
  • Muhsin Banmili - Lists of his Kurdish music collection (CDs and personal collections cassettes), music dedicated to Sayed Ali Asgher Kurdistani, the personal collections father of music Kurdish music.
  • LPJim's Record and Autograph Emporium - A virtual museum of a lifetime of album music and autograph personal collections collecting, with images of many rare music or signed items.
  • MacMichael, Ryan A. - Large collection (over 1800 thusfar) of multiple formats, collecting broken down personal collections by genre.
  • Mashagar - Personal webpage with lists of his collection of CDs, movies, music and related memorabilia.
  • Sixties Music Is Back - Collection of obscure late 1960s records, with some collecting audio clips personal collections of obscurities.
  • Rocky Mountain Way's Guitar Pick Collection - Collection of over 100 picks, with images of personal collections most.
  • The Metal Mayhem Personal Collection - Large collection of Heavy Metal music.
  • Gerry's CD Treasure House - About 200 CDs, indexed by artist.
  • BurninDesire's Music Collection - Collection of melodic rock, aor and hard rock cds.

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