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Information pertaining to antique phonographs, gramophones, records, Victor, Edison, Columbia, and of course, Nipper. Contains cylinder and disc sound recordings, a phonograph gallery, repair instructions, and resource listings.

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See Also:
  • Tim's Phonographs and Old Records - Tim Gracyk\\'s home page: a large collection of music original articles vintage recordings on vintage phonographs and recordings.
  • Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project - Information about cylinder recordings and streaming audio, from the University vintage recordings of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Bill Clark's 78rpm Website - About the history of English 78rpm records and collecting cylinders, with Gramophone record labels and advertisements to collecting view, and early sounds to listen to.
  • The Virtual Gramophone - A multimedia Web site devoted to the first collecting half-century of collecting recorded sound in Canada. When collecting complete, it will provide collecting a look at the collecting 78-rpm era. A project of the collecting National Library collecting of Canada.
  • Glen's .MP3 Page - Vintage Hot-Dance and Jazz Recordings - A site with MP3 files of vintage jazz music and hot-dance music. Also has a how-to page.
  • Phono-holics Anonymous - A safe place to talk about those talking vintage recordings machines. collecting Covers Edison cylinders, 78s, Diamond discs vintage recordings and 10" collecting LPs.
  • Tyrone's Record and Phonograph Page - Articles, entire recordings, a collection list, and a collecting set of links on 78rpm, cylinder, and odd collecting records, and the phonograph machines to play them collecting on.
  • Vintage 78 RPM Era American Record Company Sleeves - Images, and information about a research and restoration project.
  • Ewing D. Nunn - Information about the man and his 78 RPM microgroove records music released on the Audiophile lable. Includes a label discography.
  • Birgit Lotz Verlag & Lotz Liste - Book publishers specializing in discographies, particularly the German National Discography vintage recordings -- a systematic listing of all recordings of the 78rpm vintage recordings shellac era that were made in Germany.
  • Nipperhead Antique Phonograph - Information pertaining to antique phonographs, gramophones, records, Victor, music Edison, Columbia, and of course, Nipper. Contains cylinder music and disc sound recordings, a phonograph gallery, repair music instructions, and resource listings.
  • Dinosaur Discs - Online magazine about vintage recordings; shop and museum vintage recordings devoted to old records in England.
  • Desperate Man Blues: Record collector Joe Bussard parties like it's 1929 - Long article about the legendary 78 collector, reprinted from Washington music City Paper.
  • Dismuke's Virtual Talking Machine - This site is devoted to vintage music from the early music decades of the 20th century.¬†Features RealAudio streams of acoustic and music electrically recorded records.
  • The 78rpm Record Home Page - The complete resource for 78 collectors. Pictures of labels, many good articles and lots of links.
  • Swazoo Koolak's Web Jukebox - Audio selections from a collection of 78 RPM music records, rotated collecting monthly. Also, demonstration clips of music noise reduction, and a collecting trivia quiz.
  • Dawn of Sound - Information about vintage recordings and reissues of vintage collecting recordings. vintage recordings New RealAudio selections every month.
  • Jan's 78 RPM Record Warehouse - Listen to a collection of 78 RPM records, collecting transcribed in vintage recordings streaming Real Audio, accompanied with background collecting information, photos and record vintage recordings labels. In English collecting and Dutch.
  • Mainspring Press - Free online articles from a publisher of discographies vintage recordings of music vintage 78s and cylinder records.
  • Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders - Antique phonographs, early sound recording methods, wax cylinder records, excerpts music of old-time marching band music, and much of interest to music collectors of vintage records.

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