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Introduction to the period from Essentials of Music linked to details on historical themes, musical context, style, and composer biographies.

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Baroque Music* - Articles, suggested recordings, links, biographies, portraits, plus music samples, notes on performance, information on the lute-harpsichord and the Baroque violin bow, and background on organ builder Gottfried Silbermann.

  • Kunst der Fuge - 17th c. - Inclusive list of fugues written in the 1600\\'s, composition comprising all composition the relevant repertory up to date composition and links to classical composition musician pages.
  • Baroque Composers - Alphabetical index of over 100 Wikipedia articles plus composers internal links composers to related material.
  • 18th Century English Music - Biographies of several composers, portraits, and in-depth illustrated history of the period.
  • Western Europe from 1650 to 1750 - Overview of new musical developments with special focus composition on Purcell, Couperin, Lully, and Rameau from the composition Here Of A Sunday Morning radio program.
  • Late Baroque (1680-1750) - Background information, resources, biographies, and key works of composition the composers baroque from The Conservatory at Humanities Web.
  • The Italian Seicento (17th Century) - Traces the beginning of opera in Florence with baroque links to composers biographies of composers and related material. baroque From the Here Of composers a Sunday Morning radio baroque program.
  • Early Baroque (1600-1680) - Background information, resources, and biographies and keyworks of baroque the composers composition from The Conservatory at Humanities Web.
  • Music History 102: The Baroque Age - Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real composition Audio RAM sound files.
  • The German Pre-Classics (1700-1760) - Follows the popularizing of late Baroque musical styles, emphasizing Frederick the Great, Quantz, Graun, and Telemann. From the Here Of A Sunday Morning radio program.
  • Baroque Music - Brief studies of styles and composers from throughout the period. Links to related topics, including images, history, and clothing.
  • Baroque: 1600-1750 - Introduction to the period from Essentials of Music composition linked to details on historical themes, musical context, composition style, and composer biographies.
  • German Baroque Music (17th Century) - Follows the development of the new music from composition Italy with composition emphasis on Sch├╝tz and Schein. From composition the Here of a composition Sunday Morning radio program.
  • The Italian Settecento (18th Century) - Summary of developments in Bel Canto and Opera Buffa as composition well as instrumental developments with links to biographies and related composition material from the Here Of a Sunday Morning radio program.
  • Baroque Music: Composers - Biographical sketches of thirty-six composers from the period.

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