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Introduction to the period from Essentials of Music linked to details on historical themes, musical context, style, and composer biographies.

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  • Classical Music Era - Wikipedia article outlining the style of the period, composition providing history composition of times within the period, and composition listing noted composers. Includes composition internal references to related composition people and topics plus external links.
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  • Classical Net - Definition - Classicism - Definition of this movement.
  • Music History 102: The Classical or Viennese Period - Composers, major styles and developments, illustrations, and Real classical Audio RAM classical sound files from the Internet Public classical Library.
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  • Classical: 1750-1825 - Introduction to the period from Essentials of Music classical linked to composers details on historical themes, musical context, classical style, and composer biographies.
  • The Viennese School of Composing - Information about music during the Classical Period, as composition well as composers the period\'s most famous composers (Mozart, composition Haydn, and Beethoven).
  • Kunst der Fuge: fugues of the 18th Century - Inclusive list of fugues written in the 1700\\'s, composition comprising all composers the relevant repertory up to date composition and links to classical composers musician pages.

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