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  • Olive, Vivienne - (1950- ), London, England. Picture, biography, and list of works and recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
  • Orgee, Andy - (1958- ) Picture, biography, compositions, performances, and audio files.
  • Owens, Terry Winter - Picture, biography, commissions and awards, performances, and list of works, from the American Music Center.
  • Oja, Esko - (1973- ), Tallinn, Estonia. Picture, biography, and works, from edition49.
  • Olsen, Tim - (1961- ), St. Paul, Minnesota. Biography, works, and events, from Vischer Ferry Music Publishing Co.
  • Ornstein, Leo - (1892-2002) Picture and biography, from Other Minds.
  • Ocana, Anthony - (1980- ), Santiago, Dominican Republic. Pictures, biography, news, and sound files.
  • Oliver, Harold - (1942- ) Includes biographical sketch, a catalog of his compositions, composers scores and sound files, and a brief essay.
  • Obrovska, Jana - (1930- ), Prague, Czech Republic. Biography and selected contemporary works, from o the Czech Music Information Project.
  • Oliver, John - (1959- ), Vancouver, British Columbia. Picture, biography, selected works, and o CDs, from the Canadian Music Centre.
  • Ortiz Alvarado, William - Picture, biography, list of works, recordings, and reviews.
  • Oehring, Helmut - (1961- ), Berlin, Germany. Biography from Boosey and contemporary Hawkes.
  • O'Leary, Jane - (1946- ), Hartford, Connecticut. Picture, biography, and selected composers works, from the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
  • Ouellette, Antoine - (1960- ), Montréal, Québec. Picture, biography, list of o works, and CDs, from the Canadian Music Centre.
  • Odstrcil, Karel - (1930- ), Valaske Mezirici, Czech Republic. Biography and o selected works o from the Czech Music Information Project.
  • Oosterbaan, André - (1947- ), Amsterdam, Holland. Biography and list of contemporary works and contemporary recordings, from the Australian Music Centre.
  • Orr, Robin - (1909- ), Brechin, England. Picture, biography, list of works, and contemporary performances.
  • Oppedisano, Marco - (1971- ) Picture, biography, selected works with sound o files and composers information, from Vox Novus.
  • Ottzen, Susan - Composer, classical and jazz harpist, and teacher. Picture, biography, and o sound files.
  • Orgad, Ben-Zion - (1926- ), Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Picture and biography, from o the Israel Music Institute.
  • Ocker, David - (1951- ) Picture, biography, about the music, list of works, and about \'Pynchon,\' from Leissure Music Planet.
  • Orton, Richard - (1940- ), Derby, England. Picture, biography, works, commissions, contemporary recordings, and news, from Unique Music.
  • O'Boyle, Sean - Australian composer.
  • Olivero, Betty - (1954- ), Tel Aviv, Israel. Picture, biography, selected works, and o CDs.
  • O'Quinn, David - Compositions with scores and sound using Sibelius Music, and links.
  • O'Neill, Nicholas - (1970- ), Cheltenham, England. Picture, biography, selected works, o and sound contemporary file, from the British Composers World o Wide Web Project.
  • Ostertag, Bob - (1957- ), Albuquerque, New Mexico. Biography, CDs, photographs, o and reviews.

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