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A well-researched fan site containing commentary, biographical information, recommended recordings, a personal ode to the composer, a timeline, a bibliography, animation, and links. Special emphasis is given to the Liszt cycle performed by Christina Kiss

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  • Franz Joseph Liszt - Brief musical biography and photograph with four RAM liszt, franz joseph audio samples of selected works from W. W. liszt, franz joseph Norton and Company.
  • Project Gutenberg Writings - Franz Liszt - Contains links to Liszt primary resources of value liszt, franz joseph l to researchers including letters between Wagner and Liszt, liszt, franz joseph l other Liszt letters, and Liszt\\'s essay on Chopin liszt, franz joseph l in English and French.
  • Find a Grave: Franz Joseph Liszt - Find A Grave entry with biography, photograph, pictures liszt, franz joseph of tomb, and interactive memorial.
  • IMDB: Franz Liszt - Filmography of various films containing his compositions.
  • Wikipedia: Franz Liszt - This page provides an overview of the composer l in a composers variety of categories including biographical and l compositional information, as well composers as descriptions of Liszt\\'s l pianistic virtuosity, and writings. Also composers includes references l to Liszt in film, a bibliograp
  • Franz Liszt Project - Special attention offered on Leslie Howard\\'s Complete Liszt Pianoworks Project. General information, spotlight, news, biography, resources, and databases.
  • Island of Freedom - Franz Liszt - Brief article provides biographical and musical information, and composers touches on composers Liszt's altruistic nature.
  • Franz Liszt Biography - Biographical sketch, caricature, commentaries on his orchestral and piano music, and Naxos discography.
  • The Liszt Page at Midiworld - Selection of works in general MIDI audio file format. Most l transcribed by Robert Finley.
  • Lesson Tutor: Franz Liszt - A small biography focusing on his piano virtuosity, and interest l in the Gypsies and their music.
  • Classical Net: Franz Liszt - Contains a basic repertoire list and also recommends liszt, franz joseph composers biographies, scores, CDs, and links to other resources.
  • Franz Liszt - Cursory examination of Liszt\\'s life and works intermingled l with a handful of MIDI files. To l be noted is the list of piano compositions l organized by Searle number.
  • Franz Liszt: Showman and Virtuoso - Overview of the composer provided by a brief biography, key works, links, suggested reading, timeline, quotes, and illustrations
  • Classical Music Archives: Liszt - Collection of free WAX and MIDI audio files of compositions liszt, franz joseph organized alphabetically by genre. Also includes two condensed biographies. liszt, franz joseph Added resources for subscribers.
  • Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre - Short entry containing address, hours, and a description composers of this l museum.
  • The Franz Liszt Collection - Details of the special holdings at Boston University, liszt, franz joseph purchased from Kálmán Antos.
  • The Lied and Art Songs Text Page: Franz Liszt - A list of vocal works linked to lyrics, liszt, franz joseph many including English translations.
  • WQXR: Liszt, Franz - Extended biography focusing on his pianistic abilities with liszt, franz joseph summary list of works from the Grove Concise liszt, franz joseph Dictionary of Music.
  • Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum - Well-illustrated reconstruction of his last Budapest flat, where he lived from 1881-1886, with biographical information, virtual tour, and information from the Liszt Research Centre.
  • Liszt Digital - Recording producing company particularly concerned with unexplored areas of the Liszt repertoire.
  • Liszt Institute, Bologna, Italy - Organization information, online library catalog, activities, contact information, liszt, franz joseph composers and links.
  • Franz Liszt Site - A well-researched fan site containing commentary, biographical information, recommended recordings, l a personal ode to the composer, a timeline, a bibliography, l animation, and links. Special emphasis is given to the l Liszt cycle performed by Christina Kiss
  • Catholic Encyclopedia: Franz Liszt - Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia follows his life liszt, franz joseph liszt, franz joseph and career, showing how his religious expression waned liszt, franz joseph liszt, franz joseph during his middle years, then increased toward the liszt, franz joseph liszt, franz joseph end of his life.
  • Liszt Society Switzerland-Japan - Information about the Society, concerts, master classes, lectures, publications, and liszt, franz joseph new recordings.
  • Liszt, Franz (1811 - 1886), Hungary - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and composers links to biographical essays.
  • Ferenz Liszt - Collection of portraits and photographs spanning most of liszt, franz joseph liszt, franz joseph his life in JPG format.
  • Franz Liszt: Paganini Studies and Schubert March Transcriptions - Hyperion Records sleeve note. Discussion of Paganini as liszt, franz joseph an inspiration for Liszt, and a list of liszt, franz joseph the Paganini studies with descriptions, noting their brilliance liszt, franz joseph and technical demands and listing them according to liszt, franz joseph common nicknames.
  • Liszt Archive Goeppingen/Budapest - The online home of the Liszt-Ferenc Archive Göppingen/Budapest l run by liszt, franz joseph Dr. Lajos Gracza. Contact information l for the archive can liszt, franz joseph be found along with l a listing of some of the liszt, franz joseph archival contents l and an informative chart concerning Liszt's pedagogical influe
  • Kunst der Fuge: Franz Liszt - A collection of MIDI files, some based on liszt, franz joseph historical piano rolls.
  • Classical Music Pages: Franz Liszt - A brief but informative biographical entry about the composer.
  • Classic Cat: The Franz Liszt MP3 Page - Directory of links to MP3 files on the internet that have been made available by performing artists.

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