Meyerbeer, Giacomo Composers Composition Music

French-German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer was born in 1791 in Vogelsdorf, Germany as Yaakov Liebmann Beer. His father, Judah Herz Beer was a wealthy sugar refiner in Germany and Italy. His mother, Malka Liebmann Meyer Wulff, also known as Amalia, was the daughter of Liebmann Meyer Wulff, a wealthy Berlin merchant and banker who made a fortune delivering supplies to Prussian troops, and was the director of the Prussian lottery. He would soon Italianize Jacob to Giacomo and combine his parents' names as Meyerbeer. Even these changes would not protect him from some of the anti-Semitism of the mid-1800s. Much of Richard Wagner's "Jews and Music" would be directed at him. Meyerbeer died in 1864.

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