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Article on his house and his domestic life. Includes separate article on his songs for solo voice and additional links.

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Sibelius: Finland's Voice in the World* - Biography topics include Finnish inspiration, patriotism as art, setbacks, greatness from a bleak setting, growing isolation, Anglo-Saxon admiration. Also an interview in WAV and RAM audio formats.

  • Jean Sibelius - Musica Classica Classical Music Dictionary entry with life, s works, MIDI s audio file, and illustrations.
  • Ainola: The Home of Jean Sibelius - Presentation on the woodland house he moved to with his wife by Professor Irmeli Niemi.
  • Ainola: Sibelius at Home - Article on his house and his domestic life. sibelius, jean Includes composers separate article on his songs for solo sibelius, jean voice and composers additional links.
  • Famous Finns: Jean Sibelius - Short biography emphasizing major works.
  • Sibelius - Reflections on the composer\\'s life and work, including sibelius, jean the stark contrasts in his music, by conductor sibelius, jean Leopold Stokowski. Main focus on Symphony No. 2.
  • The Jean Sibelius Web Pages - Celebrative biography, links, reviews, essays by Ormandy and Stokowski, and sibelius, jean illustrations.
  • Kunst der Fuge | Jean Sibelius - MIDI files (freely downloadable) of Symphony no. 2 in D composers major, op. 43, "Incidental music to Kuolema," and "Valse Triste."
  • Famous Classical Composers: Jean Sibelius - Provides background on his early years, his learning composers Finnish, and his schooling. Includes adult and childhood composers pictures and links to other composers.
  • Sibelius, Jean (1865 - 1957), Finland - Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, sibelius, jean bibliography, s and links to biographical essays from Dr. sibelius, jean Estrella\'s Incredibly s Abridged Dictionary of Composers.
  • Classic Cat: Sibelius - Directory of mp3s on the internet that have sibelius, jean been made available by their performing artists.
  • Jean Sibelius 1865-1957 - An extensively illustrated account of the composer\\'s life divided into composers chapters on individual pages from the Sibelius Museum.

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