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Information from Smithsonian Institute about the native Mexican folk music tradition. Includes a graphical timeline, music samples, videos, guides and background material for teachers.

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Music History Resources* - Outlines and timelines on various topics in music history from the Middle Ages to the present.

  • Major Musical Periods - Graphic timeline: typical musical forms and styles, major composers, sample music MIDI files
  • Classical Musician Recent Deaths - (from 1988 to current)
  • Gallery Music - (Sung by church and chapel "bands" in the music UK in history the 18th and 19th centuries) Includes music articles, sample scores and history MIDI files, links, and music organizations.
  • Jewry in Music - Articles and links about the entry of Jews music into the musical professions in Europe in the music early nineteenth century.
  • The Music of Freemasonry - Masonic influences on Classical music, and music in the Lodge: music Notes, MIDI samples, and facsimile pages.
  • Almanac of Classical Music History - Birth and death dates of composers and performers; arts first performances of famous works.
  • History of Indian Music - Extensive hypertext article by David Courtney.
  • History in Song - Includes annotated texts about American history, from Revolutionary arts War songs arts to 1960's anti-war protests.
  • Medieval Music and Arts Foundation - Early Western and traditional non-Western music: Recording suggestions, music discussion, articlesl links.
  • Eras Online - Basics about the major periods of classical (art) music music, with terms, composers, RAM audio examples, and music purchase links. From Essentials of Music, sponsored by music Sony Classical and W. W. Norton.
  • Music and Chess - An annotated bibliography of musical compositions related to chess.
  • This Day In Music History - Daily listing of what happened on this day; extensive introductory history tutorial on music notation. (CD sales: affiliate)
  • Corridos Sin Fronteras - Information from Smithsonian Institute about the native Mexican history folk music arts tradition. Includes a graphical timeline, music history samples, videos, guides and arts background material for teachers.
  • Finnish Music in a Nutshell - Brief history of classical music in Finland; by Pekka Hako.
  • Black History and Classical Music - Brief overview and biographical notes about conductors and performers in the classical tradition.
  • International Alliance for Women in Music - Includes chronology, extensive biographies of obscure musicians, MIDI files, discography, history bibliography, and resources.
  • The History of Czech Music - A brief history of Czech music, from the history Middle Ages history to the 20th century; Biographies and history work of important composers. history (Radio Hudba, Czech Republic)
  • Incompetech: Music Styles - Brief, tongue-in-cheek discussion of musical forms.

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