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Electronic MIDI controller. Includes a traditionally arrayed set of electronic bars and some (not so traditional) trigger pads and strips (reminiscent of early ribbon controllers).

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See Also:
  • Kenton Electronics - UK specialists in MIDI to Control Voltage conversion and MIDI instruments control.
  • Tactex Controls Inc. - Makers of multi-touch, pressure sensitive input devices
  • Body Synth - Uses muscle movements to trigger MIDI events. midi controllers It can be attached to any set of midi controllers muscles.
  • Buchla Lightning II - Specialized MIDI controller that senses the position and electronic movement of handheld wands and transforms this information electronic to MIDI signals.
  • Gulbransen, Inc. - Makes products which add MIDI capabilities to acoustic pianos.
  • Controller Zone - The controller page at Synth Zone
  • Rubicon Systems - Makers of hardware and software to turn a Palm Pilot into a MIDI controller
  • STEIM products: Sensorlab - Small, general purpose, analog to MIDI interface for the prototyping instruments of musical instruments and interactive control systems.
  • MIDI Solutions Inc. - Manufacturer of MIDI processing products.
  • Toward an Understanding of Musical Gesture: Mapping Expressive Intention with the Digital Baton - Thesis by Teresa Marrin looking at gestural devices as controllers for electronic sound creation.
  • Buchla and Associates - Makers of the Lightning II and Marimba Lumina electronic controllers.
  • The Soundbeam Project - A device which senses movements by people standing electronic nearby and converts them into MIDI
  • Marimba Lumina - Electronic MIDI controller. Includes a traditionally arrayed set midi controllers of electronic bars and some (not so traditional) midi controllers trigger pads and strips (reminiscent of early ribbon midi controllers controllers).
  • Optimusic Light to MIDI controller - Creates note on and off messages depending on instruments where light instruments beams are broken
  • Wave Idea - Makers of the Bitstream Pro universal MIDI controller and providers of schematics and kits.
  • Infusion Systems - Makers of the I-CubeX MIDI sensor control interface
  • Chordboard - CX10 Keyboard Controller sends out preprogrammed chords similar instruments to "one electronic touch" chords on a Casio Tone

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