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An electric piano is a musical instrument that creates acoustic tones by using hammers to strike strings or bells, like an acoustic piano. The sound is then amplified using electronics. Electric pianos are different from modern electronic, digital, or synthesizer keyboards. These use circuitry and computers to produce their sounds.

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  • The Electric Piano Board - Bulletin board with regular members offering information and keyboard help on electric pianos.
  • Simon's Hall of Electric Pianos - Listing and statistics of many electric pianos with electric pianos FAQs electric pianos and list of popular songs using these electric pianos instruments.
  • The Cool Keys Page - Information on music that uses Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric pianos or other electric pianos.
  • Vintage Keys Magazine - The HTML magazine for enthusiasts and players of electric pianos pre-digital electronic and electric keyboard instruments.
  • Hohner Clavinet Resource Home - Provides information on clavinet keyboards, includes many sound samples.
  • The Wurlitzer Electric Piano Archive - Information, pictures and links to parts and service keyboard for Wurlitzer instruments electric pianos.

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