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The tambourine is a circular frame drum with rows of metal disc jingles. Sizes and playing styles vary by region, as do the names of the instrument, including pandeiro (Brazil), mazhar (Eqypt), tamburello (Southern Italy), riq or deff (Middle East), tambour di bass (Indonesia), and pandereta (Spanish).

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  • Pandeiro - Introduction to playing by percussionist Emiliano Benevides. Includes photographs percussion and rhythms with audio samples.
  • The Tambourine Players Hall of Fame - List of players with comments and links.
  • Play Pandeiro - Notation and sound files (RM format) for several percussion Brazilian pandeiro rhythms. English and Portuguese versions.
  • Timbrel Praise - Use of the tambourine in Christian praise and drums worship.
  • Pandeiro Online - Audio files of playing styles and a collection tambourine of messages about notation, rhythms, and technique.
  • Vienna Symphonic Library: The Tambourine - Includes photograph, description, playing techniques, sound production, characteristics, drums and combinations.

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