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Article tracing the development of the bouzouki - its origins, its role in Greece and "adoption" by Irish musicians. Offers a listing of luthiers, discography and bibliography

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See Also:
  • Radical Movement for Rebetiko Dechiotification and Bouzouki Detetrachordization - A group of purists seek to preserve the traditional construction stringed and playing style of the bouzouki - with 6 strings, stringed and without amplification.
  • Doctor Dark's Rebetiko Notes - Description of the instrument and advice on buying bouzouki one for instruments the beginner.
  • Bouzouki - Wikipedia article covers the history and development of the instrument instruments in Greek and Irish traditions of the 20th century.
  • Ancient Tones - Article tracing the development of the bouzouki - stringed its origins, stringed its role in Greece and "adoption" stringed by Irish musicians. stringed Offers a listing of stringed luthiers, discography and bibliography
  • Bouzouki FAQ - From Hobgoblin music, giving advice on tuning, care stringed and maintenance, and information on makers.
  • Greek Bouzouki Forum - A discussion forum about techniques of playing, music stringed for the stringed bouzouki, players, and news.
  • Bouzouki Lessons - Offers a range of materials for learner players instruments on CD and video, covering playing techniques and instruments musical theory of Greek scales. Ordering and contact instruments details.

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