Electric Bowed Strings Stringed Instruments

Electric violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. Created and designed by Erich Meatleg. History, pictures, artist's statement, and prices listed.

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  • Jordan Electric Violins - Manufacturer/sales of electric violins and violas. Options include stringed four, five, electric six, or seven strings, fretted, double stringed neck violins.
  • E. F. Keebler Musical Instruments - Maker of 4, 5, and 6-string electric violins stringed and violas. Photos, mp3 audio samples, and ordering stringed information.
  • Wood Electric Violins - Custom built fretless and fretted 4, 5, 6 bowed strings and electric 7-string electric violins, violas and cellos designed bowed strings by violinist electric Mark Wood.
  • Musik Lab - Manufacturer of a pickup system for stringed instruments.
  • Electric Strings - Newsletters and archives dealing with electric bowed instrument bowed strings makers, stringed pickups, accessories, and design.
  • Guscott Quiet Electric Stringed Instruments - Australian manufacturer of acoustic electric and non-acoustic electric stringed violins, violas, bowed strings "chin cellos" and double basses. Good stringed detailed descriptions. Sound clips.
  • Violectra - Features electric violins, cellos, and viola\\'s custom made piezo-electric skeletal frame electric string instruments.
  • Mallion - Electric violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. Created electric and designed bowed strings by Erich Meatleg. History, pictures, artist\'s electric statement, and prices listed.
  • Electric Fiddler - For the electric violin player. - Online community of electric violinists share comments and informaation.
  • Electric Violin Shop - A wide variety of electric violins, cellos and stringed basses in stock made by a number of stringed electric bowed string instrument makers. Links to makers\' stringed sites. Order and pay online.
  • Alter Ego - Compact electricacoustic string instruments made in Italy.
  • Bowed Electricity - Resources for electric violin players. Violinist directory, manufacturers, bowed strings article with sound clips, equipment recommendations, reviews, and bowed strings educators.
  • Ruby Instruments - Maker of a solid body 7 string electrical version of the traditional viola da gamba. Includes sound clips. Purchase of instrument with a bank transfer, or through PayPal payment.
  • Zeta Music Systems, Inc. - Manufacturers and sells hand-crafted electric violins, violas, cellos and basses, stringed distinguished from other electric bowed string instruments by being MIDI stringed compatible. Zeta also manufactures amplifiers, MIDI synthesizers, and string instrument stringed accessories.

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