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Annual camp passing on the traditions of the practitioners of all types of Canadian fiddle music. Includes a history, practical details for visitors, and registration information. [Ontario, Canada]

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See Also:
  • Kerry Fiddles - Offer Irish Fiddle holidays; information about tuition, levels, fiddling the tutor, local accommodation, and contact details. fiddling [Kerry, Ireland]
  • Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp - Summer camp offering instruction in various fiddling styles, fiddling and other instruments. Includes information about instructors, program, fiddling fees, and facilities. Located in Estes Park, Colorado.
  • Cowal Fiddle Workshop - Set up to promote the playing of Scottish education traditional music. Information about sections, program, tutors, education membership and contact details. [Argyll, Scotland]
  • Orangeville Fiddle and Step Dance Camp - Summer camp with instruction in old time fiddle education and Ottawa education Valley step dance for all ages. education [Ontario, Canada]
  • Sunshine Coast Summer School of Celtic Music - Annual summer fiddle school; information about program, instructors, and registration. fiddling [British Columbia, Canada]
  • Fiddlers Retreat - A school for Traditional Irish Music and Culture violin for fiddlers violin and violinists; includes information on program violin and activities. [County violin Tipperary, Ireland]
  • SCES Fiddle Camp - Annually camp organized by the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange fiddling Society; hosts up to 200 students of all fiddling skill levels, offering tuition in a range of fiddling styles, including Scottish, M├ętis and Old Tyme. fiddling Information about program, instructors, and practical det
  • The North Ayrshire Fiddle Workshop - Club that offers classes in traditional Scottish and education general fiddling violin with class schedules and costs. education [South West Scotland]
  • Welsh Celtic Fiddle Workshop - Annual workshop and competition; information for participants and violin schedule.
  • Blazin in Beauly - A combination of week-long fiddle school and festival. fiddling Information fiddling about tutors, program, and practical details. fiddling [nr Inverness, Scotland]
  • The Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School - A week long immersion in Scottish traditional fiddle fiddling music; information about program, instructors, facilities and contact fiddling details. [California, US]
  • Hockley Valley Music Camp - Annual camp passing on the traditions of the practitioners of education all types of Canadian fiddle music. Includes a history, education practical details for visitors, and registration information. [Ontario, Canada]
  • Fiddle Force - A bunch of Scottish fiddlers who meet several times a violin year to socialise, learn and play tunes. Information about violin past events and contact details.
  • Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School - Annual week-long school in New England to foster education playing the education Scots fiddle. Online brochure, program, education and application details.
  • Ashokan - Organize a series of themed fiddle and dance camps; information about schedules, instructors, application, and contact details. [New York, US]

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