Cape Breton Old Time - Canadian Fiddlers Fiddling

An online index of Cape Breton fiddle recordings, searchable by artist and album; also offers a collection of tunes in notation and midi formats.

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See Also:
  • MacMaster, Buddy - Biography of an artist recognized as a leading fiddlers exponent of old time - canadian the Cape Breton Celtic fiddle style, fiddlers and uncle of Natalie old time - canadian Macmaster.
  • MacIsaac, Wendy - A fiddler, piano player, and stepdancer from Inverness cape breton county, cape breton Nova Scotia. Biography, discography, audio samples, cape breton and touring cape breton schedule.
  • Cape Breton Fiddling - Overview from Wikipedia of the area\\'s traditional fiddling, fiddlers composers, players, and repertoire.
  • Ceilidh Trail School of Celtic Music - Offers summer courses in Cape Breton fiddling, piano cape breton accompaniment and step dancing. Includes course information cape breton and prices, schedule of events, and list of cape breton instructors.
  • Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association - Formed to preserve and develop the area\\'s traditional cape breton music, old time - canadian derived from its Scottish heritage. Includes cape breton a history, old time - canadian details of events and performances, newsletter, cape breton audio samples, and old time - canadian merchandise.
  • - An online index of Cape Breton fiddle recordings, fiddlers searchable by cape breton artist and album; also offers a fiddlers collection of tunes in cape breton notation and midi formats.
  • MacGillivray, Kendra - Plays the traditional fiddling style from Eastern Nova Scotia; also cape breton a composer. Includes a profile, discography, awards, schedule, news, cape breton details of her teaching, and contact details.
  • Holland, Jerry - Fiddler and composer. Presents a biography, discography, tunes, guest book and touring schedule. Lists contact information for fans, bookings and catalogue requests.
  • Dunn, Jackie - Fiddler from Lower South River, Nova Scotia. Includes a old time - canadian biography, discography, photos, articles, tour dates and links.
  • Ambassadors of Cape Breton Fiddling - An overview of the style, with profiles of cape breton prominent fiddlers exponents.
  • MacIntyre, Sandy - Prominent player and teacher of Cape Breton fiddling; fiddlers also a fiddlers composer; includes biography, gig and workshop fiddlers schedule, and discography.

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