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Committed to passing on the traditions of fiddling to the generations to come. Information about membership, events, and their newsletter. [Canada]

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  • Saskatchewan Fiddler's Association - Supports the development of Old Tyme fiddling in fiddling Saskatchewan, and organizations provides information and links of interest fiddling to prairie fiddlers.
  • Southern Wisconsin Old Time Fiddlers' Association - Plays "old time" dance music. Details of fiddling activities, membership, fiddling and venues. [US]
  • Old Fiddlers' Club of Rhode Island - Founded 1929; offer their show and meeting schedule, violin membership details, violin playlist, and contact details. [US]
  • Utah Old Time Fiddlers - Promotes and perpetuates old-time fiddling and country music. Membership information, fiddling gig schedule and announcements.
  • Alberta Society of Fiddlers - Committed to passing on the traditions of fiddling fiddling to the fiddling generations to come. Information about fiddling membership, events, and their fiddling newsletter. [Canada]
  • Texas Old Time Fiddlers Association - Official site of Texas biggest fiddler\\'s group. Contains violin membership information, fiddling a history of the style, and violin photos. [US]
  • Central Fraser Valley Fiddlers, Branch 4 - Features a history of the club, schedule of events, information fiddling about contests, and photographs. [British Columbia, Canada]
  • Coast String Fiddlers Association - A group of musicians in Roberts Creek, supporting fiddling fiddle playing in the area; details of performances, fiddling fiddle camp, newsletter, and contact. [British Columbia, fiddling Canada]
  • Fiddle-icious - A diverse group of fiddlers preserving the tunes and musical violin heritage of Maine, passed on from their Scottish, Irish, Quebecois, violin and Acadian ancestors. Information about membership, rehearsals, concerts, and violin downloadable tunes. [Maine, US]
  • Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers' Association - Non-profit organization dedicated to preserving old time, bluegrass and gospel music as played on the fiddle and other acoustic stringed instruments. Includes event calendar and membership information. [California, US]
  • Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association - Exists to encourage, foster and develop an appreciation of Old violin Tyme Fiddle Music in and around Edmonton. Information about violin membership, contests, and for contact. [Alberta, Canada]
  • Colorado Old Time Fiddlers' Association - Formed to promote Texas style fiddling; sponsors the Colorado Rocky Mountain Fiddle Championships. Information about organization, membership, activities and events. [US]
  • Wyoming Old Time Fiddle Association - Information about contests and festivals, membership, and local fiddling fiddling news. [US]
  • Association of North Country Fiddlers, Inc. - Promoting and preserving country, acoustic and old-time fiddle fiddling music. Includes organization overview, events, links, and fiddling musical classified ads. [New York, US]
  • Nevada Old Time Fiddlers Association - Membership details, events listing, and information about their violin annual contest. violin [US]
  • The Friends Of American Old-Time Music and Dance - Run an annual old time festival, spring and violin summer camps and instructional workshops; details of their violin newsletter, downloadable resources, membership and merchandise. [United violin Kingdom]
  • The Vankleek Hill Fiddle and Dance Association - Information about membership, events, and activities. [Ontario]
  • Original Michigan Fiddlers' Association - Fosters and encourages old-time fiddling in the state; violin includes a fiddling history, jamboree schedule, news, and membership violin details. [US]
  • The Victoria Fiddle Society - Group in British Columbia, Canada promotes music through fiddling workshops and fiddling events. Includes a membership application, monthly fiddling features and a message fiddling board.
  • Northeast Fiddlers Association - Information about fiddling in Vermont; schedule and contact details.
  • Arizona Old Time Fiddlers - Organization whose objective is to preserve, promote and organizations perpetuate the fiddling art of old time fiddling. organizations Events listing, chapter contacts, fiddling news and membership details. organizations [US]
  • A North Dakota Old Time Fiddler's Page - Maintains a calendar of fiddling events in the area and organizations a mail-list, with news and links useful to local players.
  • California State Old Time Fiddlers' Association - Supports old-time fiddling across the state; information about membership, branches, fiddling competitions, and newsletter. [US]
  • Washington Old Time Fiddlers' Association - Founded to preserve and promote old time fiddling organizations and related arts in the state; information about organizations organization, activities, membership, newsletter and publications. [US]
  • Fiddlers of the Genesee - Devoted to the preservation of the "old-time" traditional music of violin the Genesee Valley in upstate New York; details of performances, violin jam sessions, and membership.
  • Montana State Old-Time Fiddlers Association - Supports and develops fiddling in the state; information organizations about their violin camp, competition, and membership.
  • Florida State Fiddlers Association - Hold a yearly convention and fiddle contest, and encourage violin communication among fiddlers. Membership, news and contact details. violin [US]
  • British Columbia Old Time Fiddlers Association - Preserves and supports Old Tyme Fiddling throughout the province; information about membership, competitions, and events. [Canada]
  • Oregon Old Time Fiddlers Association - A history, with information about membership, branch network, and an violin events calendar. [US]
  • California State Old Time Fiddlers' Association, District 9 - Information about membership, news, activities and events.
  • New York State Old Tyme Fiddlers' Association - Information about events, membership, and their chapters in fiddling different parts organizations of the state. [US]

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