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Community focused on guitar and bass related gear reviews and product information. Site also includes guitar related on-line tools, member forums, and lessons.

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  • Online-Discussion Network - The ODN is a place for guitar aficionados to find discussions about artists, gear, and music. Hosts many different forums.
  • - Offering discussion boards for the complete Gibson guitar range including Epiphone models.
  • The Marshall Amp Forum - Everything about old and new amps from this British manufacturer, guitar also about other gear.
  • The Fret.Net - A friendly forum for guitar and bass players stringed of all stringed ages and abilities, also offers free stringed user uploads within a stringed reasonable file size.
  • Telecaster Discussion Page Reissue - The TDPRI is a forum for guitar players chats and forums chats and forums who appreciate the Telecaster and Fender\\'s other great chats and forums chats and forums guitars, also offers free picture uploads.
  • Fenderpick - Fender enthusiasts share their experiences, gear, and love stringed of music.
  • Gibsoncustom Forums - Official manufacturer forum for special interest questions about their custom guitar shop models including the Historic Reissues.
  • GeekChat - Discussions about guitar and bass rigs of users stringed and favorite chats and forums artists.
  • Epiphone Forums - For customers and enthusiasts to share opinions and information about stringed all of the brands in the Epiphone family.
  • Tokai Forum - Fan community of this Japanese manufacturer with different chats and forums boards like "Vintage" or "Ebay alerts", also about chats and forums other Japanese brands like Burny, Orville or Greco.
  • Guitar Forum - Guitarists\\' forum with "Gear Acquisition Syndrome" categorised links for instruments guitar and amplification.
  • Vox Talks - Vox Talks is a sign-in forum intended for VOX related chats and forums topics.
  • Rig-Talk - Discussions and free classified ads about guitars, amps, and effects. guitar Official forums of Cameron and Diezel amps as well as guitar Gutierrez guitars and Homebrew Electronics.
  • Hofner Hounds - Fans of the German manufacturer Höfner exchange information stringed about vintage chats and forums and new models.
  • Ibanez Collectors World - Discussion board, gallery and further links for fans stringed of this guitar Japanese manufacturer.
  • Vintage Amps Bulletin Board - Formerly known as the Plexi Palace, offers many boards for chats and forums different amp manufacturers.
  • Seymour Duncan User Group Forums - The pickup manufacturer provides an open discussion place not restricted to their own products.
  • Ultimate-Guitar - Forums dedicated to guitar enthusiasts. Cover electric, acoustic, stringed guitar gear and accessories topics.
  • Boogie Board - Discussing all Mesa Boogie amps, with an amp chats and forums setting database for most of the models.
  • Epifriends - Unofficial forum for Epiphone and Gibson guitar players.
  • Gibson Forums - For customers and enthusiasts to share opinions and information about all of the brands in the Gibson family.
  • Guitarworld - The magazine also provides a forum with many guitar different boards.
  • Westone Guitars - Discussions about the different models of this Japanese brand manufactured by Matsumoku.
  • Kramer Guitar Forum - For fans of these typical hardrock guitars.
  • Steinberger World - Yahoo! group for fans and players of the stringed innovative Steinberger guitars and basses.
  • Fender Forum - For enthusiasts for Fender guitars, also offers a gallery, artist guitar profiles, news and lessons to download.
  • The Gear Page - TGP is one of the biggest internet communities guitar about guitars chats and forums and related gear, e.g. luthiers or guitar effect boards.
  • LetsTalkGuild - A place for Guild enthusiasts.
  • Robin Lovers - Fans discussing the different models of the guitar stringed manufacturer from Houston, Texas.
  • Project Guitar Forum - General discussions about working on guitars.
  • Guitar Board - Guitar related discussion board also offering a Wiki.
  • The Fender Forum - TFF is serving Fender guitar and amp enthusiasts guitar worldwide.
  • Jackson / Charvel Forum - Discussion site for these manufacturers with chat and chats and forums guitar gallery.
  • Fender Discussion Page - The FDP is a private site offering many different boards guitar for all things related to the company.
  • Les Paul Forum - The LPF is an unofficial site dedicated to Gibson Les Paul and other Gibson guitars, also offers knowledgeable articles about vintage instruments.
  • GuitarGearCentral - A community for guitarists of all styles; includes chats and forums guitar news, gear reviews, and stories.
  • Ovation Fan Club - Online home for fans of Ovation acoustic and stringed electric guitars.
  • Guitar Gallery Forums - About the different brands coming from the Japanese manufacturer Matsumoku stringed like Aria, Westone, Electra and others.
  • Club McNaught - Forums for discussing guitars built by David Thomas McNaught.
  • Guitar Trade - A forum for guitar and bass players, including basics, lessons, guitar technical stuff, and general chat.
  • BeatGear Cavern - The BGC is about 1960s music, guitars, amplifiers, stringed drums and guitar other gear as well as pop stringed culture including the Beatles.
  • Harmony Central User Forums - One of the crowdiest places for guitarists, but nevertheless interesting.
  • - Users contribute MP3s of electric guitar performances with chats and forums guitar detailed descriptions of guitar, amp, speaker, and effects chats and forums guitar used.
  • Carvin Museum Forum - About old and new guitars, basses and amps from this guitar manufacturer.
  • Thorn News and Discussion Page - Community created by and for fans and friends chats and forums of Thorn Custom Guitars and Inlay work.
  • 18 Watts Community Center - All about small self-built or manufactured tube amps.
  • VintAxe Guitar Forum - About unusual vintage instruments.
  • Jam Session - Discuss guitar related topics with guitar players of guitar all levels and styles at this moderated public guitar forum.
  • GuitarGearHeads - Community focused on guitar and bass related gear chats and forums reviews and product information. Site also includes guitar chats and forums related on-line tools, member forums, and lessons.
  • Music Electronics Forum - The new "ampage" discussion site about building, modifying stringed and maintaining guitar musical electronic devices such as guitar stringed amps and effects as guitar well as pickups.
  • WestoneClassics - Yahoo! group for owners and collectors of these stringed instruments.
  • The Guitarists Network - A forum for guitarists; also includes links to stringed a variety of guitar-related resources and lessons.
  • Guitar Player Magazine Forums - An open forum for guitar players to share stringed their opinions stringed and ask questions about guitars, guitar-related stringed gear, tips for maintenance, stringed and on learning how stringed to play.
  • Sputnik Music and Musician Forums - Discuss music and gear, write your own reviews, stringed and rate your albums. Very large board with stringed emphasis on guitar topics.
  • Guitar For Beginners & Beyond - For all guitarists whether they are just beginners guitar or have chats and forums been playing for a long time.
  • Strat-Talk - Discussing the Stratocaster with free user blogs, galleries, links and reviews.
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