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An account by Bill Jehle of building his own guitars, and recording and selling his own CDs. Includes discography and software downloads.

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  • Aggressive Guitars - A guitarist keen on Charvel and Jackson instruments shares his photo gallery; also includes identification details on Charvels, and snippets of technical information.
  • My Guitars - Illustrated account of Tané Tachyon\\'s guitars, with links to her experience of guitar as a female tradition.
  • Guitar is Life - A basic guide to guitar playing techniques. stringed Includes a personal pages description of his guitars and gear.
  • London, Mark - Personal site includes pictures, mp3s, news and writings.
  • Pedal Steel Home Page - Earl Clark\\'s profile and description of his guitars personal pages and gear.
  • Andy's Guitar Page - Pictures and a review of his guitar, and guitar a small guitar collection of tabs.
  • Reed, Nick - Country steel guitarist presents his musical career and stringed his instruments.
  • G3 Misa - Lead guitarist, composer and arranger for the bands Shanghaied and stringed Mystery. Includes his biography, musical career and information about stringed his guitars and music.
  • Belly Jelly Music - An account by Bill Jehle of building his own guitars, stringed and recording and selling his own CDs. Includes discography stringed and software downloads.
  • The Guitar Channel - News, reviews, and information from the world of jazz rock fusion guitar.
  • Basho-Junghans, Steffen - Guitarist, composer, author and artist from Germany. stringed Includes biography, guitar discography, reviews, samples, and an archive stringed on his influences.
  • Every Musician's Dream - A description of guitars played by Jake and personal pages his personal pages two kids.
  • Trevor's British Guitar and Bass - Dedicated to British handmade acoustic, electric and bass guitars. stringed Includes an annotated gallery of his guitars, and a history stringed of Wal.
  • Nellyer, Jason - Guitarist provides a range of tracks to jam with; also stringed offers a forum.
  • Ingrey, Paul - UK-based session guitarist. Includes details of his stringed guitars, musical career, mp3s and contact details.
  • Steel Guitar Stories - Cal Sharp, a Nashville-based steel guitarist, offers his stringed gig-listing, photo stringed galleries, and a collection of his stringed writings.
  • Guitar Gear News - Guitar and related musical gear news releases, new amps, guitars, personal pages effects, musical instruments.
  • Personal Guitar Collection - Pictures and descriptions of a range of guitars guitar owned by stringed Joe.
  • Nothing Else to Lose's Page - Some Metallica and other tabs, and a gallery of guitars.
  • Light, Jon - A New York pedal steel guitarist; his profile, personal pages with a gallery of his instruments, and ones personal pages he has built; also includes an advice page personal pages for beginners on pedal steel.
  • Foley, Bill - Acoustic guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Contains biography, merchandise, band details, and music samples.
  • Scott's Guitar Site - A collector's showcase of his favourite guitars.
  • Butler, Andy - Guitar sounds transformed, looped and edited in a personal pages live performance using Digital Echoplex and Lexicon Vortex.
  • Wallace, John Bruce - A composer, improvisational jazz guitarist, and painter; includes his profile, art gallery and sound samples.
  • My Guitar Page by Fixxxer - Technical details and reviews of his guitars and gear, with stringed notes on modifications.
  • Marcus, Al - An account of a life-long love affair with personal pages steel stringed guitar, as player and teacher.
  • Pfeiffer, Hans-Friedrich - A German guitarist, playing Brazilian-style solo guitar; includes personal pages his biography, mp3s, and sheet music.
  • Lefthand Guitarist - Information about left-handed guitarists, and manufacturers of left-handed guitar guitars.
  • Alfsen, Torbjørn - Norwegian guitarist. News, concerts, tours, discography, gear, and mp3 samples.
  • HPCrazy - Swiss composer, guitarist, and pianist; includes profile, philosophy, and achievements.
  • Sauter, Donald - A collection of writings and resources on classical personal pages guitar, stringed and his other interests.
  • Headley, Clive - Introduces his recordings of solo guitar music.
  • Tony Smotherman - All about 22 year old virutoso guitarist Tony stringed Smotherman. Biography, photos, reviews, lessons and mp3.
  • Davis, John - Pedal steel player in the UK; includes his biography, instrument guitar gallery, and mp3s.
  • Bob's Guitar Playing Tips - Guitarist/tutor's collection of tips, tricks and techniques.
  • Goodridge, Denny - Personal site, with his history, illustrated listing of his gear, and other interests.
  • Sabuncuoglu, Emre - Provides biography, reviews, music, contact information for a Turkish classical guitarist.
  • Country, Rock and Blues Guitar - A personal collection of guitar licks, with audio stringed samples and pictures.
  • Michael, John - A California guitarist\\'s biography, recordings, guitar modifications, and struggle with alcoholism.
  • Obbidiah's Emporium - An English guitarist shares his playing; includes mp3s personal pages and personal pages midi files.
  • Vencil, Bill - Mainly acoustic guitarist offers information about his instruments, artistic thoughts, guitar and audio samples.
  • Tomany, Fiona - The only steel guitarist on the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland; stringed offers her simple guide to the instrument.
  • Truth in Shredding - A weblog covering guitar resources and thoughts on life.

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