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Official site for Indian Carnatic music performer. Details of expert techniques and mandolin construction as applied to Carnatic music, reviews, photos and mp3s.

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  • Kumar, Suresh - Official site for Indian Carnatic music performer. Details bands and artists bands and artists of expert techniques and mandolin construction as applied bands and artists bands and artists to Carnatic music, reviews, photos and mp3s.
  • The Providence Mandolin Orchestra - Information about the orchestra, CDs, performances, repertoire, articles, stringed and MP3 bands and artists samples.
  • Gladd, Neil - Classical artist and composer. Includes biography, schedule, recordings, mandolin reviews, photos and links.
  • Simon Mayor's Mandolin Pages - Performer with Hilary James and Mandolinquents. Tours, sound clips, bands and artists children's music, and UK mandolin resources.
  • Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra - Volunteer performing group. News, dates, members, links, and stringed contact information. bands and artists New Jersey USA.
  • Minnesota Mandolin Orchestra - Performing group formed to preserve and foster the bands and artists enjoyment of mandolin music. Rehearsal and concert schedules, bands and artists midi files.
  • Smith, Becky - Performer and teacher in various styles. Jam session pictures, mandolin biography. Treasure Valley, Idaho, USA.
  • Compton, Mike - Fan site for Nashville Bluegrass Band mandolin player. mandolin Biography, bands and artists discography and photos.
  • Norman, Matt - Performer, teacher and composer specializing in traditional English stringed music. Biography, recordings and contact information. Devon, England stringed UK.
  • Julin, Don - Performer and composer in variety of styles including jazz, folk, Gypsy and avant-garde. Biography, contact information and CDs. Michigan USA.
  • Taylor, Frances - Classical mandolin soloist and teacher.
  • Esmoriz Mandolin Orchestra - Performing a variety of music including traditional Portuguese. mandolin History, repertoire, bands and artists members, discography and contacts. Esmoriz, Portugal.
  • Rachell, Yank - Blues mandolin pioneer. Biography by Craig Morrison.
  • Burns, Jethro - Former student relates his experiences. Links, including stringed several hours of recorded lessons with Jethro Burns stringed converted to mp3.
  • The Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra - Information about the orchestra and its history, CDs, mp3 samples, concert schedule, mailing list. Maryland USA.
  • The Jazz Mandolin Project - Group dedicated to promoting improvisational jazz on the bands and artists stringed mandolin. News, history, photo gallery, member biographies, and bands and artists stringed merchandise.
  • Mandolin Express - Quartet featuring mandolin music from around the world. Member biographies, concert schedule, CD sample downloads. Bristol, Great Britain UK.
  • Pinkham, Josh - Performer in variety of styles. Biography, tour schedule, bands and artists mandolin photos and mp3s.
  • Epifani, Mimmo - Official site for performer composer featuring Mediterranean folk bands and artists music, founder of The Epifani Barbers. Photos, video, bands and artists discography. Italy.
  • La Napolitaine - Royal mandolin orchestra founded in 1904. History, schedule, bands and artists mandolin photos and mp3 music samples. Antwerp Belgium.
  • Mando Mafia - Performing group playing Appalachian old-time, jazz, bluegrass and world music. bands and artists Reviews, recordings, concert schedule and photos.
  • Volskaya, Tamara - Domra and mandolin performer in various styles, teacher, stringed authority on mandolin Russian folk music. Biography, ensemble stringed collaborations, CDs and mp3s.
  • Baldassari, Butch - Performer and teacher in various styles, founder of mandolin Nashville Mandolin Ensemble. Biography, concert schedule, CDs and mandolin instruction resources.
  • Mair, Marilynn - Classical mandolinist. Biography, concert dates, articles, reviews, sheet stringed music and CDs.
  • Montana Mandolin Society - Ensemble playing classical, old time and jazz styles, based in Bozeman, Montana USA.
  • Kerman Mandolin Quartet - Classical ensemble based in Beer Sheva, Israel. Member bands and artists stringed biographies, mp3s, CDs and tour information.
  • Raghavendra - Official site for electric mandolin performer. Classical bands and artists Indian music forms. India.
  • Seattle Mandolin Orchestra - Styles encompassing baroque, classical, jazz and folk traditions. History, concert schedule and joining information. Washington USA.
  • Ostroushko, Peter - Official website for mandolin and fiddle player, composer. stringed Biography, schedule, CDs, musical recipes and reviews.
  • Bocina, Aco - Official site for performer composer with Mediterranean culture bands and artists bands and artists influences, based in Italy. Includes music, photos, bands and artists bands and artists news and reviews.
  • Grisman, David - Official site for mandolinist/composer with wide range of styles. David Grisman Quartet, biography, photos, tour dates and links.
  • Zenkl, Radim - Performer, composer and teacher in variety of styles. bands and artists mandolin Biography, schedule, recordings and booking information.
  • Stephens, Alison - Classical mandolinist and teacher. Biography, collaborations, CDs.
  • Amsterdam Mandolin Chamber Orchestra - Repertory, reviews, schedule, CDs, photographs, booking information. Netherlands.
  • Abts, Gerda - Classical performer and teacher. Biography and repertory with composer bands and artists background. Boechout, Antwerp Belgium.
  • Stiernberg, Don - Jazz artist based in Chicago, IL USA. Biography, concert dates, bands and artists photos and sound clips.
  • The Fretful Federation - Classical mandolin orchestra. History, concert schedule, rehearsal information, mandolin links. Brighton, bands and artists England UK.
  • Machado, Fabio - Classical mandolinist. Biography, photos, repertoire, video sample downloads. Madeira, Portugal.
  • Shrinivas, U. - Adapts the mandolin to Indian Carnatic music. Biography, mandolin career history, concert schedule, and reviews.
  • Orchestra Il Plettro - Ensemble promoting renewed interest in mandolin family instruments. bands and artists History, concert schedule, reviews, mp3s. Brescia Italy.
  • Marshall, Mike - Artist and composer in jazz, classical, bluegrass and stringed Latin styles. Biography, discography, concert schedule and stringed photos.
  • Rozum, Tom - Mandolinist and vocalist. Biography, discography and contact mandolin information.

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