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Handmade horns crafted in Germany by Ricco Kuehn including double Bb horns, single F horns, descant horns and Wagner tubas.

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See Also:
  • Seraphinoff, Richard - Manufactures historical reproductions of Baroque and Classical natural horns.
  • Hoyer, Hans - Official site (in English) for this professional horn manufacturers maker. Includes horn descriptions of all professional and student manufacturers model horns.
  • Holton - A subsidiary of the Leblanc corporation, Holton manufactures brass "Farkas" and brass "Merker Matic" horns.
  • Paxman Musical Instruments - Makers of professional level horns; includes details about their range brass of horns, as well as dealer links.
  • Finke Horns - Hand crafted single, double, triple and natural horns.
  • Hatch Horns - Custom made Geyer-style horns.
  • Moosewood - Manufacturer of custom screw-rim mouthpieces and specialty items for the horn.
  • Balu Inc. - Maker of horn mutes, practice mutes, and mute bags.
  • Yamaha - Manufactures beginner, intermediate and professional/custom model horns.
  • Patterson Hornworks - Makers of custom French horns and natural horns. horn Mouthpieces, leadpipes and complete restoration also available.
  • Houser Mouthpiece Works - Custom made mouthpieces, re-plating, threading and alterations.
  • Dürk Horns - Sells hand crafted single, double and triple horns, manufacturers and accessories.
  • Robert Ostermeyer Musikedition - Repertoire and sheet music for French Horn
  • Kuehn, Ricco - Handmade horns crafted in Germany by Ricco Kuehn including double Bb horns, single F horns, descant horns and Wagner tubas.
  • TrumCor Mutes and Music - Handmade mutes and stopping mutes, as well as manufacturers some music for horn quartets and brass quintets.
  • Osmun Music - Specialize in selling brass instruments and accessories.
  • Schmid, Engelbert - Handmade horns, bells and mouthpieces. [German, English, French brass and Spanish]
  • Rocky Mountain Alphorns - Sells handcrafted alphorns, alphorn sheet music and CDs.
  • The PHC System of Horn Mouthpieces - All about the PHC System of French Horn manufacturers screw-rim mouthpieces, including a forum section for horn manufacturers players' messages.
  • Lawson Brass Instruments - Makers of professional quality horns. Includes acoustical and brass general horn building information.
  • Sorley's Horn Shop - Maker of handcrafted custom F/Bb double horns, leadpipes brass and repair horn specialist.
  • Alexander, Gebr. - Horn makers. Model pictures and details, as well horn as general brass information about the family business.
  • Thompson Edition, Inc. - Horn cases, mouthpieces, mutes, sheet music, method books, and the brass "Thompson Edition": a collection of reprinted original orchestra parts.
  • de Haro Horns - Custom horn leadpipes, repairs, screwbell conversions, valve rebuilds, brass accessories, maintenance products, and replacement parts; tutorials for brass horn players and a suggested reading list.
  • Atkinson Brass Company - Specialisers in horn repair, customization and hand manufacturing
  • M. Jiracek & Sons - Czech maker of handcrafted single, double, descant, natural and Vienna brass horns.
  • B.E.R.P - Sells an invention called the Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece horn for mouthpiece buzzing/practicing.

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