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  • Fokus Mouthpieces - Trumpet mouthpiece manufacturers based in MN, US.Comparison against brass Vincent Bach brass mouthpieces,prices. Also excersise books.
  • Edwards Instrument Co. - Offers custom instrument creation. Located in the United brass Kingdom.
  • Calicchio - Handmade trumpets. Information on instruments in stock, custom trumpet ordering, performers, and prices.
  • Chicago Brass Works - Custom trumpets for the professional player and musician.
  • Meister Johannes Scherzer Trumpets - Company information, online sales, and a factory tour.
  • B&S Challenger Trumpet Line - Company history, catalog, news.
  • Schilke Music Products - Instrument and mouthpiece catalogues and the current conference brass schedule. "The brass Schilke Brass Clinic" by Renold O brass Schilke, clinician info and brass archive pictures

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