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Information related to making harmonicas. Also for companies and individual craft workers creating custom instruments or by hand, as opposed to mass market manufacturers.

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See Also:
  • Lee Oskar Harmonicas - Product information, and distributor list. Located in Washington, United States.
  • Harmonix - Manufacturers and designers of the first production electric harmonica.
  • William C. Romel - Custom crafted instruments. Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.
  • CustomHarmonicas.Com - Customized diatonic harmonicas made by Joe Filisko, Richard winds Sleigh, and winds James Gordon, using the "Filisko Method" winds of upgrading harmonicas.
  • Neil Graham :Custom Harmonicas - Custom made professional Harmonicas. Highly responsive modified Marine winds bands featuring makers radical reed modifications and improved winds air flow. As played makers by Australia's Jim Conway.
  • Super Harmonica Site - Mark Lavoie produces custom harmonicas using laser cut winds titanium and vermont maple wood harmonica combs. Bristol, winds Vermont, United States.
  • Harmonica Manufacturers and Builders - List of manufacturers, with addresses and email, including companies without web sites. Provided by Harmonica Information Press.

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