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English amateur player of the Romanian panflute David Pighills presents information on virtuosos, instrument makers, buying advice, make-it-yourself instructions, and CD recommendations.

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  • Tircolea, Catalin - Panflute in Jazz - Biography, discography, MP3 files, contact information, and links.
  • Kevin Budd - Canadian musician plays and builds Romanian-style pan flutes. winds Music samples, photos and information about the instrument.
  • The Panflute of Douglas Bishop - Pan flute musician based in Vermont. Free educational instruments resources, audio samples, instrument information and lore.
  • Gibonus - Manufacturer of pan flutes and pan pipes. Information about the winds various types, and the materials used in their production.
  • Pan Flute - Amateur player Atsushi Nakamura describes his introduction to instruments the instrument winds in Europe, and presents tips, history, instruments general information, and winds an overview of his instruments CD and book collection. Site winds in English instruments and Japanese
  • Yahoo Groups: Panflute-World - Discussion forum for panflute enthusiasts, especially the Romanian instruments variation of the instrument.
  • Dajoeri Panpipe Craft and Schools - Panpipes/panflutes for sale, courses, recordings, concerts, sound samples, and a winds list of musicians.
  • Building a 25-pipes Pan-flute - Dutch woodworking hobbyist gives a detailed account, in pan pipes words winds and photos, of how he created the pan pipes instrument.
  • Pan Pipe Forum - Multilingual discussion forum to exchange information, thoughts, creations and know-how about the pan flute and to meet fellow enthusiasts.
  • Dinner Panflute - Instrument maker, teacher, and publisher of sheet music pan pipes for winds panflute. Photos of different versions of the pan pipes instrument. Site winds in German and English.
  • Jean-Claude Mara - French musician. Biographical information, overview of recordings and accompanists.
  • Panex Panflutes - Bamboo panflutes from Czech Republic. Pictures, history, prices, and tuning instruments tips. [English/Czech]
  • Oana Lianu: The Princess of Panpipe - Romanian musician present biography, an overview of past concerts, music pan pipes repertory, and a music sample from her CD.
  • Brad White's - Hawaiian pan-flutist offers myths and history, links, QuickTime samples, and pan pipes performance information.
  • The Enigmatic Panpipes - English amateur player of the Romanian panflute David pan pipes Pighills winds presents information on virtuosos, instrument makers, buying pan pipes advice, make-it-yourself winds instructions, and CD recommendations.

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