Makers Historical and Ethnic Flute Woodwinds

This category has links to flute makers specializing in traditional flutes, wood flutes, and ethnic flutes.

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See Also:
  • Mark Hoza's Kything Flutes - Handmade wooden flutes and headjoints. Irish style keyless historical and ethnic flutes and wooden headjoints for silver flutes.
  • Historical Woodwinds - Maker of historical flutes and recorders. Descriptions of models, care makers information and related links.
  • Flutemaker Thomas Fehr - Maker of historical flutes and recorders, based in Switzerland.
  • Wendy Reed's Irish Flutes - Handmade Irish flutes styled after wooden flutes of last century, made in polymer.
  • Boaz Berney Historical Flutes - Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic flutes modeled after originals makers in museums historical and ethnic and in private collections.
  • Casey Burns Flutes - American flutemaker offers Irish and historic flutes, specializing in ergonomic and small-handed flutes.
  • Sweetheart Flute Company - Ralph Sweet\\'s instruments, including folk fifes, historic flutes, Irish flutes historical and ethnic and whistles. Instrument details, prices, and pictures.
  • Folkers and Powell: Historical Flutes - Makes copies of Baroque, classical, and Renaissance transverse flutes. Books, flute newsletter and research information.
  • Side Blown Technologies - Maker of bamboo flutes and headjoints. Maintenance guide, historical and ethnic music, pictures, and links.
  • Erik the Bamboo Flute Maker - Bamboo flutes, whistles, saxophones, and other musical makers instruments.
  • Simon Polak - Copies of baroque flutes: pictures; brief history of the flute; flute information on tuning and temperaments.
  • M and E Irish Flutes - Traditional Irish flutes by Michael Cronnolly of County flute Mayo, Ireland.

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