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This sub-category is for sites dealing with resources that would be helpful to a flute player.

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  • Flute and Guitar - Tips and information for performers, MP3s, music samples, and links.
  • Morissa's Flute Page - A site for flutists of all ages as well as music educators.
  • The Flute Connection - Features information on contemporary flutists, composers, Flute Festival flute Mid South, and flute links.
  • Belgian Flute Pages - Technique tips and information, MIDI files, scores, and flute downloads.
  • Sarah's Flute Page - Tips for playing the flute, buying an instrument, resources and playing the piccolo, plus a history of resources the flute.
  • Arwen & Justin's Flute Site - Resource on auditions, flute performance, maintenance, repertoire en fingering.

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