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Gives advice on oboe playing for music educators, parents and students. Includes information about reeds, buying instruments and oboe repertoire.

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See Also:
  • Alexander Technique and the Oboe - An article by Andrea Newhouse Fedele about reducing tension while playing the oboe.
  • Reeds 'N Stuff - German oboist Udo Heng offers cane, knives, machines and other winds supplies used to make oboe and bassoon reeds.
  • Oboe Reed Reviews - An open forum for oboe reed consumers to woodwinds share their woodwinds opinions about reeds from a large woodwinds list of suppliers.
  • Arizona State University - ASU Oboe Page - Information on oboe studies at the university, warm-up tips, reed guide, practice hints, and links.
  • Oboe Makers & Commentary - A list of 20th and 21st century oboe winds makers along woodwinds with commentary by Peter Hurd on winds their instruments.
  • The Oboe Fiend - General information about the oboe, MIDIs of the woodwinds author\'s compositions, and links.
  • Oboe My Love for Young Oboist - Information about exercises, reed making, multiphonics, and circular oboe breathing
  • The Nissen Oboe Tube - Enhanced version of the cork staple, which provides better stability winds and presence to any oboist.
  • Making Oboe Reeds - Information about making American style long-scraped oboe reeds woodwinds both for the beginning reedmaker and the professional.
  • Oboe Las Vegas - Gives information on Stephen Caplan, oboe instructor at UNLV, other woodwinds players and oboe activities in the area.
  • Barbirolli International Oboe Festival and Competition - Located on the Isle of Mann at the oboe Erin Arts woodwinds Centre, page contains details and contact oboe information.
  • Oboes for Idgets - Gives advice on oboe playing for music educators, oboe parents and students. Includes information about reeds, buying oboe instruments and oboe repertoire.

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