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  • Geller, Herb - Discography, biography, news, and MP3s.
  • Greenfield, Hayes - Based in New York, U.S. Includes biography, discography, press saxophone coverage, list of upcoming performances, and information about his live saxophone show Jazz-A-Ma-Tazz.
  • Garbarek, Jan - Lists releases by ECM Records and includes a g brief biography.
  • Gillespie, Valerie - Jazz performer based in Tampa, Florida, U.S. players Official website. saxophone Includes touring information, discography, and players biography.
  • Greco, Chris - Woodwinds, composer and improviser. Biography, discography/reviews, news/essays, CD-ROMs, mp3, schedule, and links.
  • Greene, Chris - Jazz performer from the Chicago area. Biography, discography, saxophone CD sales, g and performances.
  • Gairo, Tony - Philadelphia-based performer. Background, discography, and performance schedule.
  • Garland, Tim - Based in the UK. Includes discography, performance roster, saxophone and project saxophone page.
  • Glusac, Tom - Based in New York, U.S. Jazz player and educator. Includes players short biography, sound clips, pictures and performance schedule.
  • Guiser, Raymond - Jazz saxophonist. Biography, discography, and photographs.
  • Gordon, Jon - Biography, CDs, endorsements, performances, and booking information.

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