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Lyrics to the hottest songs being played on the radio. Also a section for songs that are not popular anymore. Updated Daily. Top 25 Lyrics.

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  • The Music Zone - the latest lyrics of Sisqo, Eminem, Destiny\\'s Child, Santana, Backstreet Boys, Dr.Dre.
  • Lyrics Planet - A site which contains lyrics to all types current hits of music music. Fully searchable, lists authors, and current hits many other music features.
  • Wesley's Lyrics Page - This page contains lyrics from today\\'s current hits. music It also lyrics contains the lyrics of songs people music requested.
  • The Lyric Archive - The lyrics to the hits performed by such stars as Britney Spears, N\'sync, Nelly, Jay-Z, J.Lo and other popular artists.
  • Sing-A-Long - Lyrics to hip-hop, rhythm and blues, and pop. Artists include music Mariah Carey, Next, Eminem, and Britney Spears.
  • ONLine Lyricz Lounge - Rhythm and blues and Pop Lyrics from artists such as \\'N Sync, Pink, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Destiny\'s Child, and Christina Aguilera.
  • Lyrics Today - Lyrics to current hits.
  • Lyred - Searchable lyrics archive for current hits.
  • Leonie's Lyrics Page - Lyrics site featuring the latest hits and new artists with lyrics Real Audio songs.
  • A Lot of Lyrics - All the new and popular hits including hits music from the current hits artists: Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Incubus, music Linkin Park, O-Town, Alicia current hits Keys, Train, Incubus.
  • Lets Sing It - Searchable collection of lyrics, organized by artist name.
  • Popular Lyric - Lyrics for popular songs in all genres.
  • The Lyrics Guild - The songs from many popular albums. If the hit is music on the radio, it\'s probably there. Lyrics organized A-Z.
  • Hotz - The alphabetical order of artists.
  • International Lyrics Provider - Songs in the alphabetical order of artists, whole music albums, top lyrics 100, links, discussion forum, and lyrics music submission.
  • Aor Lyrics - Songs sorted by titles or by artists. Also full albums and soundtracks.
  • Lyrics Base - Collection of new albums lyrics. The alphabetical order lyrics of artists.
  • Meli's Lyrics Page - From the Backstreet Boys to Limp Bizkit and current hits from Mandy Moore to Puff Daddy all the current hits lyrics you are looking for
  • Wanadoo Top 40 Songteksten - The full Dutch Top 40 in Lyrics.
  • Music Zone - From Aaliyah to Toni Braxton. From Eminem to Santana. From lyrics Pink to Sisqo.
  • A to Z of Hit Lyrics - Analysis of singles and albums charts with pictures, biographies and lyrics of the songs of the year.
  • Lollypop's Lyrics - A selection of pop music lyrics.
  • Be Creative - The lyrics for songs broadcast currently by radios in Europe.
  • Dc's Global Lyrics - Artists/singles collection. Full albums. Soundtracks. Compilation.
  • Music and Lyrics World - Music related stuff including lyrics, news and polls.
  • Only The Latest Hits - A-Z archive with the latest lyrics on charts.
  • Lyrics Top - Easily browsable source containing only up-to-date lyrics.
  • Nwinx lyrics - All the freshest lyrics with the American, Italian, current hits UK lyrics and European chart
  • TheLyricFactory - Latest lyrics of USA, UK, Dutch, German, French, current hits Australian current hits and more charts.
  • Hits Lyrics - Song lyrics for current hits and charts.
  • Lyrics Crazy - Includes artists such as All Saints, Eminem, Fuel, lyrics Jennifer Lopez.
  • Lyric Party - Pop, country, alternative/punk, and soundtracks.
  • Hit lyrics - Lyrics from the charts: Billboard Top 100, UK Top 75, Dutch Top 50.
  • Dap's Lyrics - Lyrics to the hottest songs being played on current hits the music radio. Also a section for songs current hits that are music not popular anymore. Updated Daily. Top current hits 25 Lyrics.
  • Top Lyrics - All the lyrics of current hits.
  • G-Sistah - The alphabetical order of artists. Easy searching tools.

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