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Includes sound recordings of folk, ethnic, and non-western classical music, a description of their archival techniques, and listing of current collections.

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  • Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections - The Smithsonian archives house the Moses and Frances archives Asch collection, ethnomusicology consisting of the entirety of Folkways archives Records, and the Rinzler ethnomusicology Archives, consisting of the archives written, audio, and visual records of ethnomusicology projects and archives exhibits sponsored by the Center for Folkl
  • African Music Archive - A history and general information on the archive ethnomusicology at Johannes Gutenburg University, located in Mainz, Germany. ethnomusicology The archive publishes NTAMA - The Journal of ethnomusicology African Music and Popular Culture. In English and ethnomusicology German.
  • Wesleyan World Music Archives - Basic information on the collection and staff.
  • Smithsonian Global Sound - Digital downloads of music and sound from around ethnomusicology the world, ethnomusicology including educational content. Includes free previews ethnomusicology of content from the ethnomusicology Smithsonian/Folkways world music catalogue.
  • International Library of African Music (ILAM) - Contains over 40,000 recordings. Includes a searchable index, ethnomusicology publications, and sound samples of African instruments.
  • The British Library Sound Archive - A search engine for world music recordings with musicology RealAudio samples, ethnomusicology as well as links to other musicology world music archives in ethnomusicology the UK.
  • Archive of World Music - Harvard College Library - Contains large collections of print works and recordings ethnomusicology from Turkey, South India, and of Byzantine chant, ethnomusicology in addition to other holdings.
  • Early American Secular Music and its European Sources - Searchable index of sources for early American and archives European music, archives covering the years from 1589-1839.
  • Southern Mosaic - The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States archives Recording Trip ethnomusicology is a multi-format ethnographic field collection archives including nearly 700 sound ethnomusicology recordings (102 of which archives are performed in Spanish), fieldnotes, dust ethnomusicology jackets, and archives other manuscripts documenting a three-
  • Southern Folklife Collection - These holdings, at the University of North Carolina ethnomusicology Chapel Hill, ethnomusicology document all forms of Southern musical ethnomusicology and oral traditions across ethnomusicology the entire spectrum of ethnomusicology individual and community expressive arts, as ethnomusicology well as ethnomusicology mainstream media production. Generally describes
  • Archives of Traditional Music - General information about the Indiana University Archives, including musicology listings of journal contents and a searchable archive musicology database.
  • Archive of Folk Culture Collections - From The American Folklife Center, Library of Congress. Information, links to online publications and guides to the collections.
  • Archives of African American Music and Culture - Materials held by Indiana University covering various musical archives idioms and cultural expressions from the post-World War archives II era. Includes a searchable database and publications archives listing.
  • Global Music Archive - Vanderbilt University - A multimedia reference archive and resource center for musicology traditional and popular song, music, and dance of musicology Africa and the Americas. Includes bibliographies, searchable collections, musicology and publications.
  • UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive - Includes sound recordings of folk, ethnic, and non-western classical music, a description of their archival techniques, and listing of current collections.

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