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Billed as the alternative guide to interesting music by Mark Prendergast. If definitely has an e-zine feel to it. Chatty.

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  • Indiepop Spinzone - Indie and alternative reviews, interviews, and links.
  • The Milk Factory - Monthly alternative music news and reviews of electronica, reviews pop and music world music.
  • Musique[Machine] - Reviews in many genres, mostly indie artists.
  • Big Orange Crayon - A zine by a just-graduated high school kid. music Music reviews, mainly indie pop/rock; random writing; links.
  • - well-organized site on independent artists: Friendly, yet opinionated reviews writing style. reviews Sound samples.
  • Wiretap music review - Reviews of indie and unsigned demos/CDs/7"s. Submissions of any style welcome.
  • The Architectural Dance Society - Reviews of "unpopular" and independent albums, by Jeff Norman.
  • - Alternative and indie CD reviews.
  • MusicEmissions - Reviews of alternative rock, pop, electronica, no depression, independent or alternative music world, folk, blues, and contemporary classics. Features independent or alternative music include weekly interviews, biographies and contests.
  • Outsight - Monthly reviews of non-mainstream music, by Tom "Tearaway" music Schulte, with related links.
  • Gods of Music - Reviews MP3 songs of indie artists.
  • Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource: Music Reviews - Reviews of CDs, tapes and demos; by Ben independent or alternative reviews Ohmart.
  • Indie Workshop - Music, movie and literature reviews along with interviews with musicians, independent or alternative label owners, artists, and authors.
  • Beta Music - Underground music reviews from Singapore.
  • FAX Record Label: Reviews of Releases - (Detailed, adulatory reviews.)
  • The Patchetic Caverns - Opinionated and eclectic reviews of music, film and music books. Emphasis independent or alternative on Washington-Baltimore area
  • Zum - Reviews of the latest independent releases.
  • Minor 7th - Reviews of guitar CDs, from jazz and folk to rock independent or alternative and new age. Emphasizing acoustic, independent and obscure releases.
  • Indie Monkey - Reviewing minor label and self-released artists. Reviews, interviews, opinion pieces, music and prizes.
  • Artist Direct CD Reviews - Links to loads of new reviews.
  • Glorious Noise Music Reviews - Indie and alternative reviews.
  • MSSV Song Critiques - Song critiques or constructive reviews with a technical reviews approach.
  • Three Imaginary Girls: Seattle's Sparkly Indie Pop Press - Provided reviews of indie pop records and shows independent or alternative around the Seattle area.
  • 33 Rebellions Per Minute - Reviews focusing on obscure records. Pop, progressive, folk, avant, industrial, and anything skewed.
  • Leonard's Lair - Latest album reviews. Includes track listings, cover shots, and links.
  • Altair 5 - Billed as the alternative guide to interesting music by Mark independent or alternative Prendergast. If definitely has an e-zine feel to it. Chatty.
  • ┬áConsumable - A collaborative E-zine with a wide-range of reviews.
  • Music Review Central - Reviews of rock / alternative music CDs and live shows.
  • Splendid E-zine - Contains reviews.
  • Silent Uproar: Music for the Listening Impaired - Contains indie-rock reviews and the like. Features a large team of reviewers that add new reviews regularly.
  • The Mag - Contains reviews and free mp3 downloads for unsigned reviews and independent bands worldwide and a gig listing reviews for the UK.
  • Dr. Rock's Online Prescription - Album reviews for rock 'n roll bands.
  • Lazyeye - A music magazine that includes interviews and band independent or alternative independent or alternative profiles, reviews and hype. The focus is on independent or alternative independent or alternative the indie music scene (but not restricted to) independent or alternative independent or alternative in Omaha.
  • elsol's Album Reviews - Album reviews / CD reviews. Reviews of newly music released albums and classic albums from the 80\\'s music and 90\'s. Updated weekly.
  • Mish Mash Independent Music Reviews - A review site that centers exclusively on independent reviews music in music all genres.
  • One Times One - College, indie, and alternative music reviews, interviews, and forums.

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