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See Also:
  • Classical Archives - Includes thousands of files (MIDI, MP3, and Windows classical Media Audio) from over 1000 composers.
  • Russian Art Songs - MP3 and RealAudio selections from several centuries of Russian vocal chamber music.
  • SuperConductor - Classical music performances created with SuperConductor software.
  • ELIXIR's MIDI Page for Classical Guitar - MP3 sequences; MIDIs fine-tuned to Roland Sound Canvas SC-88. [Japanese/English].
  • Ian Partridge, Tenor - A few audio and video tracks by Tchaikovsky, Schubert, and sound files Ivor Gurney.
  • Opus100 - Streaming RealAudio excerpts of many classical works.
  • American Mavericks - Streaming audio of works by 20th century American sound files composers, including Cage, Cowell, Adams, Babbit, and Copland.
  • Classical Piano Midi Page - Includes over 40 MP3 files of classical piano sound files music realized by Bernd Krueger.
  • Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble - Popular classical selections in MP3 and MIDI formats.
  • Mackay-Smith Index - Catalogue of instrumental music includes classical MIDI and WAV files.
  • Classical Piano Short Pieces - MP3 and MIDI recordings of sequenced performances.
  • Tubalate - Tuba and euphonium quartet shares RealAudio excerpts from their CDs.
  • J.S. Bach Organ Music - Numerous works performed by various organists on the sound files grand Marbella Organ in Spain.
  • Limburg Cathedral Boyschoir - Choral music by Mozart, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Rutter, and Rheinberger.
  • Musical Selections - Classical piano music by a wide variety of composers.
  • Lisztonian - Classical piano music performed by Jeremiah K. Jones.
  • Kunst der Fuge - Thousands of free classical music files (MIDI, MP3, WMA, Real) sound files of fugues and other contrapuntal music.
  • Wikipedia - List of free classical music recordings, mostly in sound files ogg format, available at Wikipedia.
  • Michael's Classical Piano Site - MP3 and MIDI files of classical piano music.

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