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Harmony Central: Midi Tools and Resources* - MIDI resources, documentation, articles, interfaces, writing software, free classifieds, and manufacturers.

  • MIDI Studio Consortium - MIDIs by several artists. Includes country, jazz, ballroom, midi easy listening and big band.
  • MIDIBoard - MIDI Music Community - A full featured MIDI community, with over 10,000 professionally sequenced resources files.
  • Biab Styles with Bends - Information on how to create a Band in sound files a Box style from a MIDI file.
  • MIDIWorld - MIDI software and hardware information, synths, sounds and midi MIDI files, marketplace, free classifieds for musicians.
  • MIDI Junction - Tips for MIDI composers; forum for MIDI composition resources questions; a few original MIDI files that resources can\'t be found anywhere else on the net.

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