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This category is for artists and groups that compose "tracked" music, using a program similar to ScreamTracker (.S3M format), Impulse Tracker (.IT format), or FastTracker (.XM format)

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  • Boray Mod Music - Collection of all MODs made by Anders "Boray" Persson. Collection bands and artists contains over 10 hours of MOD music.
  • It-Alien's Opera Omnia - The complete musical works of It-Alien (Fabio Napodano) bands and artists mod in MOD and XM format. Unschemed computer generated bands and artists mod music, similar to progressive rock and experimental electronica.
  • Massa KR - Mods for no Masses - Experimental/strange MODs; not normal techno dance stuff. Downloads, link list, two newsletters.
  • Wire Maniacs - A swiss demoscene group, mainly active in the music section.
  • Fairlight Music - A \'scene\' music group providing IT and XM files.
  • Amanda's Mod Page - My mods, information about mods, and links
  • DJ Ronto - Tracking .IT songs from dance to hip-hop.
  • King Tet's Mod Tracks - 10 songs in xm format from the album "Digital Dances bands and artists and Dreams".
  • The TuneStore - Distribution site for Gargoyle's original MODs.
  • CS Mods - Zipped MOD and XM albums by Scarfal and bands and artists bands and artists Stlan.
  • Jut's Fast Tracker 2 Site - XM Songs for Downloading and Links to Related XM and MP3 Sites
  • Earblower's Soundcore - Includes small collection of compositions.
  • AKA Online - MOD and XM files composed by Andre Karwath between 1995 bands and artists and 1999.
  • Youp 2K - Official site for the musical stylings of Youp.
  • Maniacs of Noise - MOD files by three artists composing music and mod sound design for videogames.
  • UKBeats - A collection of digital music tracks, (mainly drum \\'n\\' bass), sound files in various formats including .mp3, .it, .xm, .s3m.
  • Mono211 Monotonik - An internet music label releasing both electronica and mod breakbeats in bands and artists MOD, XM and IT format.
  • OctaMed and MP3 - Originally written on Amiga OctaMed - some converted to MP3.
  • Vibrants - Veteran group consisting of C64 and PC sceners.

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