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For sites which feature music in WAV format.

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  • South West Tafe Music Archive - Small WAV samples and full MP3 versions of wav music from South West Australian artists.
  • Free Hip Hop Wav Samples - Wav samples for hip hop music production. wav Wav format wav samples ready to load up in wav an mpc, triton, fruityloops, wav reason. SP1200 and MPC wav sounds for bangin beats. Free wav Wav demo.
  • Thyda's Theater - Meet the famous artists here, The Wav sound songs along with the Lyrics, just to relax.
  • Chimeran Dragon Homepage - Includes a mixture of full length songs and poetry.
  • Christmas songs - Free Christmas song clips.
  • No Town Soul - Wav sound clips and original animations showcasing Soul artists.
  • Zoner Land - Music wavs, animations, lyrics, and free music.

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