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Made up of workers from many unions, students and independent folks, dedicated to workers' culture. Information about membership, activities, and events.

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See Also:
  • Workers' Music Association - An association of organisations, choirs, and individuals promoting music to performing groups further the aims of peace, internationalism and social justice. performing groups Details of membership and their summer school. [UK]
  • San Francisco Bay Area Labor Heritage/Rockin' Solidarity Chorus - Made up of workers from many unions, students labor and solidarity choirs and independent folks, dedicated to workers\\' culture. labor and solidarity choirs Information about membership, activities, and events.
  • The Brooklyn Women's Chorus - Community choir with a repertoire ranging from South performing groups African labor and solidarity choirs freedom songs to contemporary songwriters on freedom performing groups and justice, labor and solidarity choirs peace, resistance, and women\\'s labor history. performing groups Includes events labor and solidarity choirs listing, details of recordings, and performing groups news. [New York, labor and solidarity choirs US]
  • Victorian Trade Union Choir - Formed in 1990 as part of a revival of trade performing groups union choirs in Australia. Information about membership, recordings, gigs, and performing groups booking contacts. [Melbourne, Australia]
  • Cardiff Reds Choir :: Côr Cochion Caerdydd - A campaigning choir, supporting peace, justice and freedom in Britain and around the world. Includes details of recordings, lyrics, and contact details.
  • Seattle Peace Chorus - Promoting peace and justice through the sharing of music and ideas. Concert schedule, history, membership information, and links to relevant resources.
  • Nottingham Clarion Choir - A Labour movement choir, supporting trade unions, socialist, radical and environmental organisations. Includes details of their recordings and performances. [Nottingham, UK]
  • Protest in Harmony - Edinburgh-based radical choir; information about meetings, campaigns, membership, performing groups events choral and news. [Scotland, UK]
  • The South Australian Trade Union Choir - The musical voice of the Trade Union movement offer information choral on membership, recordings, and gigs. [Adelaide, Australia]
  • New York City Labor Chorus - Promotes union solidarity by singing the history and ongoing struggles labor and solidarity choirs of workers for economic and social justice. Details of labor and solidarity choirs membership, repertoire, performances, recordings and news.
  • Red Notes - A socialist choir which campaigns for peace, justice, performing groups freedom labor and solidarity choirs and internationalism. Details of their repertoire, performing groups events diary, labor and solidarity choirs newsletter and merchandise. [Bristol, UK]
  • Notre Dame des Bananes Choir - Ensemble in Edmonton that sings songs of peace, freedom and equality. Information on membership and upcoming performances.

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