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A journal of the 25 years of the group, which has a membership of 120 and a wide range of music. Also offers schedule, repertoire and member list.

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  • Northern Ireland Baha'i Choir - Members from a wide range of locations, age ireland groups and skill levels.
  • Waterford City Choir - 50-voice choir based in Waterford. Concert schedule, history, repertoire, ireland rehearsals, membership.
  • Guinness Choir - 100+ group based in Dublin and performing large master works. mixed choirs Membership information, brief history, and concert schedule.
  • Dublin County Choir - A journal of the 25 years of the ireland group, which europe has a membership of 120 and ireland a wide range of europe music. Also offers schedule, ireland repertoire and member list.
  • Cappella, Dublin - A mixed-voice choir with approximately 47 members, based at Ely ireland House in central Dublin, Ireland. Members, event schedule, repertoire.
  • Dun Laoghaire Choral Society - 100-member vocal ensemble offering regular local performances. Current mixed choirs and mixed choirs past concert schedule and member list.

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