Party Organizers Drum and Bass Dance Styles

The people in the drum and bass scene who are working to put on your local raves, club nights and events.

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See Also:
  • Groundscore - San Francisco-based artist collective and event promotion/publicity company.
  • New Music Agency - Promoter for Bulgaria and Balkans region.
  • Innovation - Promoters of large London raves: garage, drum and dance bass and dance old-skool.
  • Raindance - London rave festival held at the Drome.
  • Clockwork Eventz - San Francisco promoters, attendance of over 30,000 people drum and bass drum and bass for events such as Metropolis, Atlantis, and Club drum and bass drum and bass Elevate.
  • Direct Drive - Bringing you the best in drum and bass party organizers every drum and bass week in NYC.
  • Tsunami Crew - Drum and bass crew based in Switzerland.
  • Helter Skelter Organisation - One of the original rave promoters in the party organizers UK.
  • Urban Assault 2k1 - Promoters in the US, South Bay area.

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