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See Also:
  • Spanking Kate - Official web site of eastern N.C. experimental techno/rock techno band.
  • John Acquaviva - The sounds of Aquaviva. Includes his schedule.
  • AnalogX - Original MP3 music, how-to articles and music.
  • Skylab2000 - The official site with biography, release dates and news.
  • Laura comfort website - Laura comfort has performed on both sides of the Atlantic, originally from New York now residing in London.
  • Plan XVII - The home of Chicago\\'s own techno group Plan XVII. Here dance you can order our album and listen to songs.
  • Peaky Pounder - Finnish funky techno producer with releases on A1, Upstruct and techno Subspace.
  • - The official site of DX-13, a fusion of techno, trance techno and electro music.
  • System 7 Website - Ambient Techno pioneers Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy techno and their techno new label A-Wave.
  • Surgeon - Prolific minimal techno artist with releases through Tresor bands and artists techno and Downwards, also many remixes.
  • B12 - Graphics intensive page covering the UK techno producers, with news, bands and artists discography and cover art. Based at Obsolete.
  • Ruggeri, Anthony - Homepage of the techno artist.
  • Future Loop Foundation - Flash-only but very nice and huge official website of this techno techno collective.
  • Signal Noise - Techno oriented artist Signal Noise presents new music.Downloadable mp3 music techno for your enjoyment.
  • Plastic Angel - Also known as Elef Tsiroudis. Profile, news, and dance downloads.
  • Full Intention - New site with a disc/remixography of UK house bands and artists dance producers Mike Gray and Jon Pearn, plus sound bands and artists dance files and details of their Downtown label.
  • No Future - Home to Cristian Vogel, Mosquito records and other dance techno and avante garde musicians and artists.
  • Clan Analogue - Australian collective of live electronic musicians and DJs.
  • Hostage - Official site of this Swiss live techno act. techno MP3s, realaudio, free tickets, links and information.
  • Agent Orange - Sound files and streaming music.
  • Da Goose - Dutch dj/producer with funky techno releases on A1 records, Upstruct and others. Realaudio samples.
  • Earthspike - Writers of Jungle/Techno/House tunes.

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