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The existence of the forms of Psychedelic Art listed here is due solely to the popularity of goa and other electronic music events. Submissions that use promotional or marketing language in the title or description will be deleted.

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See Also:
  • Nagual Creations - Virtual gallery displaying artwork available to buy, hire, trance commission and trance licencing.
  • Mental Fx - Psychedelic desktop wallpapers, animations and streaming videos. Free area and members area.
  • - Gallery of psychedelic paintings by deco artist Robbie. Features fluorescent backdrops and blacklight posters.
  • Psy Drops - Digital art, uv backdrops, blacklight art, wallpaintings, glass paintings, flyer, poster and t-shirt design.
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  • Droid Dreams - Features psychedelic artwork, multi-media projects, fractal galleries, artist psychedelic art profile and photography.
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  • - Includes wallpapers, screensavers, icons, downloads, and fonts.
  • Trippy Apps - A collection of psychedelic applications, programs, screen savers, psychedelic trance and psychedelic trance games.
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  • SunEcho - Gallery of paintings and pov-ray images.
  • Astral Visuals - 3d-visuals, screensavers and virtual reality. 3D-rides, tunnels, fractals trance and virtual worlds.
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  • Art of Brahma - Psychededelic blacklight art, biography and photos.

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