Waits Performers Early Music Styles

Five-piece shawm band specialising in loud ceremonial and dance music from the time of the Plantagenets to the Tudors and Stuarts

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  • Lincoln Waites - The history of Lincoln\\'s civic band from medieval times to waits the 19th century.
  • The Oxford Waits - Take their name from a real-life band of waits city musicians who flourished during the 17th century.
  • The Waits Website - An academic site designed to accumulate and disseminate information on the history of Waits and their European equivalents.
  • The Leeds Waits Home Page - Official town musicians (1530-1834), re-established in 1983
  • Colchester Waits - Revival of the City\\'s civic musicians of medieval waits and Renaissance times, playing shawms, sackbuts and other waits loud wind instruments.
  • The York Waits - A 16th century, living history band playing Period early music European performers street music, popular dance, and ballad tunes, early music using a performers noyse of shawms, ancestors of the early music oboe-bassoon family, and performers characteristic instruments of waits before early music 1600.
  • Kings Lynn Waites - Medieval, Tudor and Renaissance style Town Band of performers Waits or performers Waites.
  • Canterbury Waits - Five-piece shawm band specialising in loud ceremonial and performers dance waits music from the time of the performers Plantagenets to the waits Tudors and Stuarts

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