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A Balinese gamelan based in Washington, DC, presents information on the instruments, audio samples, performance schedule, classes, and a mailing list.

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See Also:
  • Hastings Gamelan Society - Information about adult and pupil groups, based in the UK. regional and ethnic Includes information about performances, membership, recordings, and news.
  • Central Javanese Gamelan - An introduction to the music with reviews of r recommended recordings.
  • Pusaka Sunda - San Jose, California based gameland degung ensemble with audio samples, discography and ordering information, artists profiles, performance schedule, and workshops.
  • Gamelan in Australia and New Zealand - Profiles of gamelan groups, recordings, courses, mailing list, r and links.
  • One People Voice - One People Voice, based in Oakland, CA, is r a hybrid r processional orchestra and chant ensemble, utilizing r gongs and drums from r Bali which are interwoven r with other world and western instruments. r Includes information r on their kids program, workshop schedule
  • Gamelan Semara Santi of Swarthmore College - Information about gamelan in general, including audio clips, and about Swarthmore\'s gamelan program and how to join.
  • South Bank Gamelan Players - Ensemble-in-residence at the Royal Festival Hall, working closely r with dancers, r puppeteers and composers from Indonesia, Europe r and the USA; includes r profile, repertoire, education activities, r and performance schedule. [London, UK]
  • Monkey C - Experimental gamelan band from Santa Barbara, California present regional and ethnic virtual gamelan instruments, audio samples, band and instrument regional and ethnic profiles, and links.
  • Gamelan Mitra Kusuma - A Balinese gamelan based in Washington, DC, presents gamelan information on regional and ethnic the instruments, audio samples, performance schedule, gamelan classes, and a mailing regional and ethnic list.
  • Explore the World of Gamelan - An introduction to the gamelan of Java and regional and ethnic Bali with audio samples and photographs, origins and regional and ethnic spread to other areas, comparisons with other music, regional and ethnic instruments and ensembles, dictionary, and lists of gamelan regional and ethnic CDs, books, and links. In French regional and ethnic and English
  • Gamelan Sinar Surya (Santa Barbara) - A Santa Barbara-based organization dedicated to preservation, teaching regional and ethnic regional and ethnic and performing traditional Gamelan music of Indonesia and regional and ethnic regional and ethnic Malaysia. Photo gallery and mp3 samples from their regional and ethnic regional and ethnic first CD.
  • Metalworks Gamelan - A gamelan with eight members, with backgrounds in gamelan jazz, Latin gamelan American, experimental, Baroque, Indian pop, and gamelan contemporary classical music; information gamelan about their recordings, workshops gamelan and performances. [Berkshire, UK]
  • Balinese Gamelan Rhythms - Training exercises and MIDI files.
  • Musical Malaysia: the Malay Gamelan - And introduction to the music and instruments with gamelan photographs and regional and ethnic audio and video samples.
  • Gamelan Anak Swarasanti - Balinese gamelan orchestra based in San Francisco. Schedule gamelan of upcoming gamelan performances, slide shows of past performances, gamelan discography with audio samples, gamelan player profiles, and articles.
  • UK Gamelan Information - An information source for people interested in Indonesian performing arts gamelan in the UK; includes news, events, gamelan in education, discography, gamelan and a links listing.
  • Gamelan Naga Mas - A community group playing classical Javanese and Balinese gamelan music and modern compositions; information about their performances gamelan and events, background on the music, and their gamelan education activities. [Glasgow, Scotland]
  • Gamelan Network - About gamelan music and the related performing arts regional and ethnic r of Java, Bali and Sunda. Information about regional and ethnic r performing groups, events, publications (Seleh Notes), and teaching regional and ethnic r resources for schools and in the community. [UK]
  • Wesleyan Gamelan Ensemble - Taught by Sumarsam and Pak Harjito. MP3 Sound regional and ethnic gamelan samples and an introduction to gamelan syllabus (PDF regional and ethnic gamelan format).
  • Gamelan - Traditional musical instruments of Javanese gamelan, their meanings, r and the gamelan sets of the royal palaces.
  • Gamelan-L Mailing List - This list is for anyone with a scholarly, artistic, or gamelan practical interest in gamelan. Archives available.

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